Cars are a boy's toy, jets are a man's toy

Discussion in 'Planes, Trains & Automobiles' started by Caty, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. This section if for PLANES, trains, & automobiles but I never see anyone post about jets on here.

    I used to have a Hawker 800xp and a Learjet 45 when I was a kid and my dad was loaded. Jets are so special to me because it sounds kind of gay but I wasn't close to my dad and that's how we bonded. We always talked about getting a G450 but my dad lost his money before then. Gulfstreams are beautiful though. I've been on a G450 once and a G200 once. The interior was stunning and they were so fast and so smooth. I love jets.. my dad put it best when he said "cars are a boy's toy, jets are a man's toy"

    Anyone else into planes?
  2. I hoped to be a fighter pilot, I need better vision. Apparently perfect vision isn't enough lol.
  3. yeah i always felt like cars were one thing but yachts and jets were a whole different world. i love the luxuriousness of them. i hope to one day own a jet or at least be a member in a private jet company
  4. Actually, jets are actually the dumbest and most pointless investment ever. They cost more to maintain and to refuel per annum than they do to purchase. I suggest chartering planes instead

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