Carolina panthers

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  1. Who else loves the panthers?

    Me and my friends have 4 season tickets every season, and our names engraved in the stadium cuz we donated when they were starting out. :hello:

    Fucking love charlotte, and i always see atleast one player at the bars after game nights
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    Whatup reppin the 704!

    We have 4 seats in section 204 (i think) which is right behind the endzone.

    Panthers games either end with me being really happy/surprised at the Panthers performance, or leaving at half-time after getting really pissed off for an hour.

    Last game I was at was the Vikings this year which was awesome to see us really fuck up Farve all night.

    We have our names on the big panther statues also

  3. :hello: our names are on the far back wall on the right hand side of the main entrance hall thing.

    and haha of course, panthers games are always hit or miss
  4. love those guyz

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