Care for your Meter?

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  1. Im about to invest in a tri meter...
    i have yet to decide which one im going to purchase but i know im going to get one soon. I want to know know what i also need to purchase to be ready to go.

    Also, i want this to last a long time and be as accurate as possible. so what should i know as far as caring for it and keeping it in good working order.

    thanks guys.

  2. Obviously - Read the Manual makes a good mantra.

    In general - store the pH probe in is special solution. These bulbs need the salts to keep the solution balance fresh. I see people store it in pH 7 solution and I just kinda shake my head.

    pH calibration drifts faster than EC / ppm. Calibrate the pH meter every other week. Get to know that the pH is of the storage solution (and the EC / ppm as well). Makes for a fast calibration check every time you turn it on. Get a pH meter with at least 2-point calibration. If you choose a 2-point make sure the points are 7 and 4.

    EC / ppm is basically a volt meter. These tend to say in calibration pretty good. Calibrating once a month is good.

    Do a full-up calibration every time you change the batteries.

    Buy at least 500 ml of your calibration solutions at a whack. You will use them and 500 ml gets you a nice price point vs shelf life.

    Hows that?
  3. sounds pretty informative to me... thanks

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