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  1. I have my 3 month old Blueberry Pancake mother in a five gallon pot and she is getting pretty root bound and needs water almost every other day. How long do you keep mothers before using a cutting as the new mother? Do I just keep increasing the pot size? I'll run out of room.
  2. You can increase the pot size, or pull it out of the pot and trim the roots.
  3. I was always told the roots are sensitive and not to damage them. How long do you maintain a mother?
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    There are videos but you basically cut the root mass way down and let it grow back into the pot. Never done it but I've watched the tutorials, looks simple enough but be sure to use a sharp sterilized knife.

    I believe it's like you cut off the bottom 1/3 of the root mass, than like an inch or two on each side so you end up with a small square root mass that you replant like you were transplanting to a bigger pot.
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    Roots are sensitive, to an extent. Its mainly a problem when plants are young and have a small root system compared to the vegetative growth above. Once you get a large, massive root ball you can manhandle them much more without serious reprocutions.

    This is particularly true when the plant above the soil has been trimmed down greatly. You have a small plant that actually doesnt need a huge root system as badly to survive. There is a balance of sorts between growth above, and below the soil. Take too many roots compared to the size of the plant and it will struggle more.

    It is actually common in most plants when transplanting to cut, or break apart the root ball in order to stimulate new root growth. It is particularly recomended with root bound plants for the same reason. If i was using a three or five gallon bucket for a mother i wouldnt hesitate to chop the bottom 1/4 to 1/2 off the roots and replant unless the mom was just massive.
  6. ^^^^ this
    to add to it, I would top and trim the mother so the growth above the soil is significantly less, then, when she recovers from that shock (about 4-5 days), I'd pull her out and trim the roots. its like starting over with a tiny plant but you're not getting the same genetic break-down as if you were take clone from a clone from a clone.... taking clones to have as a mother and continually recloning can result in higher chances of hermies, less resistance to pests, etc. etc. so keep that single mother as long as you can!
  7. Thanks for the help. Kinda scared to fuck her up but she is cramped now.
  8. Ok. So I cut her top back and just cut her roots back. I noticed a musky smell when I took her out of the pot. Thinking root rot? Any organic remedies?

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  9. I just flower mine and take cutting and keep doing that cause i don't have the room for a big mother.
  10. I dunno. I'd say the musky smell is normal. Unless your roots LOOK like they have root rot, I wouldn't worry about it.
  11. keep a clone for a new mother and flower grandma.

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