Carbon scrubber set up and noise damping

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  1. So I'm trying to keep my box as stealth as possible so I'm using bunges nd rope to cut back on vibrations .. How's this look and why is my filter spraying out a little bit of dust is this because its brand new


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  2. The dust is because it's new, it should stop after a while.

    I'm just curious, are you blowing air into your filter? If you are, you should put the cotton filter on the inside of the filter.
  3. He's obviously sucking out the box.. Why would he be forcing and cleaning the air going into the box???
  4. No I'm sucking threw the filter

  5. ? The inline fan and your carbon filter should be on your exhaust side. Why are you pushing air into the room? Where's the hot air in the room vented to?
  6. The filter is on the end.the fan is sucking air threw the filter and out the box .
  7. Ok--on your exhaust side? You can put a carbon filter on your inlet and exhaust, but the inline fan is for extracting hot air from within the room.
  8. Yea I'm sucking the hot and smelly out the box. I also have an inlet tube at the bottom letting fresh air in the box.
  9. Bet that's not the first time you've done that. ;p

    Looks good. Welcome to GC!

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