Carbon Filters/Scent Cover up Methods

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Sliver, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. Anyone have any advice on this? I heard pantyhose can be used for a carbon filter. My problem is that my ghetto setup is in a closet that I leave the door open a crack and have my outtake fan at the top blowing out the top of the door, and my intake fan is a tall standup fan blowing in from outside the door. Hence, I don't think that a carbon filter would really help since scent would escape through the crack in the door anyway.

    Any ingenious methods out there? I cant do any cutting into the walls of the closet since i rent my apartment. You can see what I mean in my old and new grow journals.
  2. If you were to nix the intake fan and use an exhaust fan via carbon scrubber and just use a vent for intake you could maintain a negative pressure and it would prolly solve your problem.
  3. If you just have a small grow, 1-3 plants you might want to try the ONA stuff. I just got a couple jars of it last week and poppped em in the closet and one in the next room and they work pretty good so give that a try, good luck.
  4. I am about to start a similar closet grow, and here is what I've been thinking about doing for smell. I would leave the door open a crack, but go to Lowe's or some hardware store and buy a plank of wood. Cut it to fit the shape of two computer fans, and fit it into the open door to sort of create a ghetto seal. That way you can have the door open, but the two main air flow areas at the top and bottom are where the fans are, where you can control the scent with a carbon filter or something of the sort.

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