Carbon filter?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by JTW, Sep 20, 2001.

  1. How much does a good carbon filter cost? I'd like it to push between 100-200 cfm. Any information or websites much appreciated thanks.
  2. A good carbon filter costs in Holland about 150-250$ it depends on the size. The size depends on the amount of lights that you use, and to a much lesser extend the size of the room. And of course if you use 400 or 600W lights. Let me know what kind of setup you are thinking of and I'll let you know.
  3. It would be pretty small, probably just a closet. I'm going to start out with one 400 watt HPS for sure and if there is enough room I'm gonna get another 400 when I have the cash.
  4. Normally you count about 250 cubic metres per hour per 400W. Because this is only 1 light in a super small space I would recommend at least 500 c.m. p.h. If you are sure you are going to add 1 light in the future immediately go for 750c.m.p.h. Use a dimmer or a thermostat to regulate the temp. For the filter, I would go for a 75 cm. cilinder. Good luck.
  5. Thanks man, do you know of any good sites on the internet that sell filters like the one you recommended? Or would it be available at home depot or a store like that?
  6. He any time man, just spreading the disease. Try, a shop that I frequent. Look under catalogue, then carbon filters and then opt for the CAN model. 1$=2.4 gld

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