Carbon Filter Setup

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by High as Space, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. So i recently bought a ELF charcoal/carbon filter and an inline fan to go with it. The CFM that i figured out i need is met.
    The filter is hollow inside and its about a 1 inch thick and like a foot long.
    Do i need to go buy carbon and fill it up or is it supposed to be hollow like that and i just cant see the carbon/charcoal?
  2. There already should be carbon in there. Or the outer pad is made out of a thin layer of carbon. Should be good to go

    dumping a bunch of carbon in there is a bad idea. It has to be uniform. Or the fan stresses out and does not preform well

  3. ok. after holding it and messing with it there was some black powdery shit that came out so i was thinking it was already good. it must be lined tight as fuck with carbon. When i got it it was the only thing in the box so i wasnt sure.
    my setup is an inline fan (up in the roof) with ducting going from the fan into the tent, which will be connected to the filter now that i can get it hooked up.

  4. sweet... dont forget the pics of your setup

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