carbon filter problem

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  1. got a new (alleged) Pfresh filter on e-bay and its covered with carbon, the prefilter is
    black, hook it up blows charcoal everywhere must have leak, anyway to fix or should i return, first bad gear out of nearly 75 purchases
  2. They have some carbon that sifts out in shipping and should only blow stuff out initially. It will clear up
  3. it was blowing for about 90 seconds and dusted the room, i just don't know, guess i could try it in the backyard, how long do ya think
  4. Your problem could be that your pushing out air rather then sucking in air. Carbon Filters are designed to pull in air from the grow tent then fresh air out your tent.
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    Or this
  6. Yes you will blow some carbon pieces when you blow through it. Your supposed to be sucking through it.
    Also you have to control your temps and humidity for these carbon filters to work effectiently
  7. im having this problem too, maybe not as bad but the slightest touch of my fan or filter and carbon is shooting all over my plants. i noticed a couple dents in the bottom of the filter so i let it blow for awhile before putting it in the tent but now when i look at my girls under magnification they have little pieces of carbon on the stigmas im trying to vaccum it off but i know i'll never get it all. is it still going to be ok to smoke or should i chop the plants down? im like 3 weeks into flowering?
  8. u should chop it down ..

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