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  1. Hi guys, I just realised that there is not much air being sucked through my carbon filter in my tent and I wanna replace it with something more suitable for my exhaust fan.

    I have done some research so far and have found out that my fan works at 220m3/h and 280m3/h and my carbon filter is 500m3/h which seems like a fair reason to have the problem I'm getting. Last grow the smell was so bad as if the fan wasnt even running but it was running 24/7 through the season. My tent is 90x90x180cm

    I need help picking a better carbon filter for my setup and to understand wether these "m3/h" numbers in the descriptions of the filters are either a minimum or max airflow capacity.

    I'm guessing I need a filter with airflow between 220m3/h to 280m3/h is that correct?

    Thanks for the help guys!

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  2. Look up AC INFINITY man worth the $$

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  3. Thanks for the reply, I checked that out and I can say it looks good but my question is wether my fan can support it? From the research I done on that carbon filter it seems to need more airflow than my fan makes, that filter in 4" version is 210 cfm and my fan goes to 160cfm max. So I am not sure wether I'm gonna have the same problem or not. My current filter is 300 cfm and I'm really not happy with the way the exhaust system works.

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  4. No. The filter number is the max it can handle. Because pulling air though it too fast won’t work either.

    I use a rvk125 in my 3x3 now and that’s the same power by the looks of it. It should work.

    how do you have everything set up?lots of bends and stuff in the duct? Fan attached straight to filter?

    link the exact fan/filter you have
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  6. It’s should be fine.i see what you mean by the pic but that must be optimal or max. A filter for a 5” fan can’t have a 500m3/h minimum. Do you get negative pressure?do you have Passive or active intake?

    got a pic of the filter /fan just to see? Also the less bend the better for airflow but It should still be neutralising the smell.
  7. Hi bud, its been a while and I sort of put it to the test. When I had the issue with the smell it was summer and there was a ton of humidity inside my tent, there was no negative pressure and the filter might have been too thick.
    What I done is, upgrade to the next size tent (1.2x1.2x2m) to allow my optic 4 light to work easier as it seemed to get too hot and drop the humidity by assuming bigger space would fix the humidity and temperature issue the light was causing in my 90x90x180cm tent which it did and which also gave me more space to play with, I also replaced the carbon filter to a 175m3-350m3 so that my exhaust fan can be in the middle of these ratings (280m3) and created negative pressure inside the tent by leaving a small hole on the bottom Velcro window across my carbon filter. So far so good but its winter and I assume I will have to upgrade to a bigger exhaust system for summer as its gonna be way too hot again.

    The optic 4 gen 3 seems to create a lot of heat through the cobs which is understandable for cobs but im not sure how different it is in temperature to a HPS lamp with the exhaust line attached to the reflector. It was my first time using the optic 4 when I dealt with this issue, pretty much upgraded from 2x vipar spectra 450w par series dimmable and never had this issue with those 2 which makes no sense but it does cause there's no cobs on it if you get what I mean. I am currently using my old set up for veg and it's working a dream even without exhaust, temps at 24°C and 40% humidity. I transferred my exhaust system to the "flowering" tent ( the 1.2x1.2x2 with the optic 4) and im getting 24°C max with 50% Max humidity, most of the time around 42% with lights on and rises to 55-60% at night with oscillating fans on and exhaust running for 20 mins every 4 hours. Considering the ducting heating is on during "daytime" its doing pretty good for winter. But I would love to see the difference during summer, which is why I would like to upgrade to a bigger and more quality exhaust system. I am looking at the "mountain air whisper 6inch" which looks grouse cause it has a speed controller with 3 different types of adjustments for a decent price and runs at 594m3 max (350cfm) which is pretty powerful but that's where the controller comes in right? I'm just loving it already haha thanks for helping me figure this out images%20(13).jpeg Screenshot_20200722-080434_Chrome.jpg

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