carbon filter kits in the UK help please

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  1. Hi All
    i bought two of these 4 inch carbon filter fans going that i bought for 50 quid each on ebay,
    specifically this one: carbon filter fan kit extractor 100mm inline 4" grow tent set hydroponics | eBay

    and it is not keeping the smell of two small northern lights out my 2 x 4 tent they are only a few weeks into flower but have some nice buds. you can still smell it outside of the tent, not as strong but its still there and noticable, i thought two of these would have completely taken the smell away, obviously not, it doesn't feel like much air is coming out of the fan once i connect the carbon filter to the ducting, without the filter it pumps out a lot of air, after connected very very little air flow.

    any suggestions would be appreciated, i am thinking of just biting the bullet and buying a 8 inch kit, for around £200-250? which i didn't want to spend this much.

    how do i know what is a good fan/carbon filter to buy? im worried im gonna buy another pile of junk that doesn't do the job,.

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