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  1. Don't make fun of me, but I think I put my filter together backwards. Is the fan supposed to draw air into the filter and the fresh air exits thru the filter , or is the fan blowing the air out, pulling the air thru the filter first?

    Not for lack of trying....
  2. Oh no I put this in the wrong area. No idea how to fix it.

    Not for lack of trying....
  3. I don't think it matters, I have seen people doing both.
    I pull the air through.
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    Check out the "1st Time with Autos" thread on the Indoor forum and see an example of inside placement. Hold on, see attachments. see the filter placement at the base of the light and above the light by diagonal placement? The idea is to help extract heat from the hotest point (above the canopy) and then the hot zone above the lights as well. In the attachment you can see the temps are recorded from the probe at canopy level.
    The fan outside can give you more room inside. It is also one less item that retains heat from the lights. As long as the room is within the capacity of the fan you will be able to cover the scent. the bad side is the scent is in the room itself and needs to be be scrubbed.
    inside the tent you use the cleans from the source. If the room is small enough the fan/filter will also scrub the room by drawing passive intake. Placement of the filter inside pulls the heat in from the tent, but at a reduced rate by having the filter additional restrictions.
    Check out this site and go to the ventilation section:

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