Carbon filter exhaust fan?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Panda85, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. Ive never personally used carbon filters but im considering on using them..even though im a registered medicinal patient just dont want to cause any problems with neighbors or visitors and draw attention to thieves.

    i was thinking of picking up 2 of these tents
    Darkroom II Twin 120 - 48x48x81
    1 for flowering 1 for veg
    and my question is since this has 4 vent holes for ducts would only using carbon filters for the exhaust eliminate the smell completely leaving the intake vents open?

    or would it be best to use a carbon filter for the inlet with inline duct fans and same thing for the exhaust?
  2. You would want the to hook up the scrubber/cooltube(if used)/exhaust fan/exhaust out.
    Pulling air through the scrubber creates negative pressure which will contain the odor within the tent and exhaust odor to outside.
    Centrifical fans(vortex type) work best when you have them sized right for your grow space.
    You may not need one in your veg room as this may only be a mild odor, if any, but the flower room will definately have an odor......
  3. i was thinking of running 2 intake ducts downward toward the base of the plants then for exhaust use 1 vortex fan these ones and 2 carbon filters 1 after the fan and one in the other duct this style

    for the flower room anyway.. but also the plants i have smell pretty bad before flowering also so idk about the veg room. dont really have to be too stealthy just dont want everyone and their mothers knowing im growing

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