Carbon filter/exhaust design ideas w/pix

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    Not very good with this sorta stuff, especially considering I dont know too much about carbon filters nor where I could purchase a decent quality one..
    So thats where I was hoping you guys would come in. I have a little temp/smell issue coming my way in the near future, with my white widow ladies so I need to get this worked out soon.
    Okay so I have this 6 1/2" diameter hole in my grow room leading to my garage (about 9in. deep) Somehow I want to be able and exhaust everything out into my garage, via filter making the odor disperse:D
    Also it cant be really loud, I need it to be stealthy.
    Hmmm any guys with experience with this please any ideas would be great!

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    oh yea man thats easy. you can run a 4" air duct through there to wherever you want it to go.
    however big your area is you can get an inline fan and mount either in the grow room or in the garage with a carbon filter in front (grow room) to exhaust the room/lights.

    i run the vortex 8". its right by the hvac unit which is way louder.

    need diameters of the room - light source - normal ambient temps and you can figure how much venting you need. rule of thumb : bigger is ALWAYS better.

    good luck!!

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