Carbon Filter Carbon as Lawn Amendment?

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  1. Was wondering if using my carbon filter's carbon in the lawn would have any benefit? I know carbon in worm bins is good for providing living space for bacteria, but I'm wondering if this would be a good choice as a lawn amendment? Of course, I'd only be using it in the private portion of my yard.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated. I'm going to core aerate the lawn soon, so I'm guessing if this is a good thing to do, that that would be the time to get it where it counts (down in the dirt via the holes).

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    "I live in Amazonia, Manaus, Amazonas and have been around Terra Preta first hand. It is amazing stuff. It is also littered with pottery shards. And, it appears that many of these were made for the purpose of soil enhancement. I have been on plots of up to 30 acres of the stuff. it is great for growing bananas, watermellons and even marijuana. The terra preta areas are favorites of the pot growers in the area. The population densities in our area were much greater than many imagined and terra preta is one of the reasons they could be sustained. "

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