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Carb or no carb on a pipe

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by hatchplzhelp, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. Hey,
    Im having a pipe custom blown pipe made for me based off of Gandolfs pipe in L O R movie. Its 12.8 inches long 2 1/2 inches deep on the bowl and 1 3/4 inches wide on the bowl. So basically its a big ass pipe. I want it to puff on Sundays watching the games on the couch. I have never owned a pipe without a carb and im wondering if you didnt have one if the weed would burn like tobacy and smolder so you just could hit it and if it would burn longer. I know with a carb it would hit harder but it will burn faster. So my question is to have the pipe made with a carb or no carb. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  2. i love no carb pipes
    and if u pack it tightly enough it will stay cherried for a long time
    but it can sometimes taste like shit with the stale smoke lingering inside the pipe.
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    I find zero difference between the two cherry-wise, If packed well they always hold a cherry, maybe even more so towards a carbed pipe. I also find a carb does nothing except make me have to hold my finger over a part of it impeding my ability to smoke while doing different things. So yeh from me..no carb haha

    edittt -Didn't notice how huge that pipe is gonna be, one is almost needed for a large pipe like that
    maybe you should get one, think about this, if you have a carb you can always plug it with a small piece of rubber and not effect the look or anything but if you dont have one its not like you can just drill one.
  4. I think carbs are a gimmick more than anything else, really. I never put them on home made pieces.
  5. i kinda feel the same way, to me it really just seems like a fast way to get oxygen into your lungs. i prefer to do it myself without the carb. it seems kinda artificial with the carb. just my opinion.
  6. With this big of one you should,just incase the smoke wont go into your lungs enough...also the taste of stale smoke isn't so nice.

    Better safe then sorry,especially with a custom where its your own choice how its made.
  7. I dont see it as artifical, I just dont see that much of a difference, other than the possibility of fucking up with the carb if you are too high to remember to place your finger there or remember where the carb is, even if not that, its just another thing to deal with. On a bong, yeah you need a carb or a slider, of course. But pipes, not generally not needed

    Despite what I said earlier, I didnt really look at the dimensions closely, and this case might be an exception, you could end up with alot of smoke sitting in the pipe if you dont do that. I guess you could always take the weed out of the bowl if you had to though, but that can be hard to do, and who wants to do that. Sometimes its so sticky its hard to do that anyway.Not usually a problem after several hits, but it can still be sticky after the first few hits of course, though. Im like the biggest anti carb stoner around, but this may be an exception.
  8. Idk what these people are talking about.
    This isn't backy.
    With a pipe that big you NEED a carb.
  9. i get more faded with a carb hole...i get more smoke in my lungs that way
  10. With a pipe that size i recommend a carb, or as we aussies call it, a 'shotty'.
    It depends on how often your going to hit it, if you hit it within 10 seconds from the last hit then you proboably wont need a carb since the smoke isnt going to go stale in that amount of time. But if you take longer between the hits then youll want a carb so that you get all the smoke and you dont have any left lingering inside that could ruin the flavour of the smoke.
    Also a carb may make cleaning easier.

    and remember to blow a pirate ship with the smoke :smoke:
  11. Thank you guys input. Im going to do this. That way if I dont need it Ill just cork it, if I do then I ll have it. Ill post pics once it is made. Thank you again.:smoke:
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    like i always say...

    better to have a condom with no pussy,

    than a pussy with no condom.

    in this case its a carb.


    now that i think about it,

    id take poon condom or no condom.

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