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Carb on left or right?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by VladTepes, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. #1 VladTepes, Apr 23, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 23, 2010
    Hey GC :D

    I was wondering,
    how many of you have your carb on the left or right side of your pipe and/or bong?
    Or no carb at all?

    Both of my glass pipes have the carb on the left side. I wish they were on the right :(

    -Do you like it's placement?
    -Do you wish it was on the other side?
    -Do you wish you had a carb or maybe even no carb at all?
    -Does a carb influence your piece purchase? By it's position or even being there at all.

    Share your thoughts and ideas. Maybe even pictures if you could :smoke:
  2. right side for me cuz I hold the bong with the left hand
  3. Left
    I like my carb
  4. I never care which side it's on, but mine are on the left.
  5. All my pipes have the carb on the left. Don't have a problem with the righties, it just feels weird as hell for me.
  6. At first it felt weird that the carb was on the left, but now I can't imagine using one on the right or even smoking a pipe without one just seems so odd to me.
  7. The carb on my pipe is on the left side, and the carb on my bong is on the right side. I never really realized what side the carbs were on until now.
  8. QFT
    carb on the left is the easiest (hold the pipe with your left, thumb naturally goes over the carb, and the right hand has the lighter)
    IMO i think that bongs shhould never have a carb, just pull out the slide
  9. Well I'm glad I helped you realize it, maybe you can justify future piece purchase partially on what side the carb is on? It might help. :)
  10. If you hold the bowl in your left hand, the carb should be on the left side. If you hold it with your right, then it should go on the right. Which ever hand you hold it in, the carb should be closest to your thumb.
  11. Good poll man. Don't think I've seen one like this before.
    I like left side. Just because almost all my bowls have been left sided. :p
  12. All my bowls the rush is on the left. Iv smoked very few bowls that the carb was on the right. maybe 2-3 bowls in my life that had the carb on the right.
  13. I said carb on the left because my favorite spoon has it's carb on the left but I have another piece and it's carb is on the right.

    I had a custom piece (that I lost) that had the carb at the end of the bowl. That was trippy.
  14. My point exactly man lol. In my life time I've only smoke a few right sided bowls. I can probably count them on my right hand lol.
  15. Yea, same here. Right sided carbed bowls are rare, and confusing for the first hit or so. LOL
  16. you mean the carb being on your left hand side when the bowl is facing you, or do you mean staring at the bowl from the back and the carb is on the left hand side?

    I'm high...and yes, my carb is on the right side looking at it from behind, but hitting it, it's on the left side.
  17. hah don't worry man, I meant what side is the carb on while you are taking a hit.

    I am glad everyone is liking this.
  18. I told my smoking equipment in right hard

    carb on left = index finger

    carb on right = thumb

    two carbs = WTF!!?
  19. Dude are you serious. This one's a no brainer. ALWAYS TO LEFT SIDE. You pass your blunts to the right?
  20. I have a spoon with a carb on the left and a bubbler with a carb on the front. I like the carb on the front because I can get a better grip and cover the hole with my index finger.

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