car wreck 5/8/06

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  1. well friends, yesterday i almost lost my life. i trusted the wrong friend, and was in the wrong place at the wrong time. my friend boris, who has just started driving a few weeks ago told me to go to his house so we can hang out, and that he would give me a ride home. i thought, ight ill do that, ill trust this kid. well, on the way home, we turn onto my street. a car is driving very slow up the street with us maybe 50 feet behind it. well, my friend being the stupid impatient bastard he is, tries to pass it by flooring it and going like 50 mph in a 25 mph zone.

    well, the car turns left to pull into a driveway, and my friend hits the brakes, which causes them to lock up. we hit the side of the car and i fly forward and hit my head on the windshield, breaking my nose and cutting my head up. my friend gets saved by the damn steering wheel. as soon as we wreck, i sit in the seat, in shock, looking at my bloody shirt and uniform pants. blood is flowing out of my nose and from my forehead. so im sitting there looking at myself in the mirror in disbelief, when my friend opens the door and rolls out of his seat, choking and crying. so i run up to him and ask him "whats wrong bro?? you hurt??" i look at him to see that hes not bleeding, just in shock. all he keeps saying is "my dads going to fucking kill me, i cant breathe." so i smack him and tell him to sit up and that its gonna be allright.

    so i run up to the car that we hit, and look in the window, its a black woman in her 30's, with a fucking 5-6 year old kid in the passenger seat! i walk up to the passenger door and pull the kid out of the car and check him out, to see if hes ok. the kid is in shock and keeps saying "my mama, please help my mama." so i run over to the driver side door, and try to pull it open, but the crash has caused it to cave in. im sitting here in panic, worrying that my friend has killed an innocent woman. by the time i realize it, the whole neighborhood is over in the front yard, some trying to help my friend, others trying to help me, others trying to get the lady out. im sitting there in fucking shock, not believeing what just happened.

    i look down at myself and see that my nosebleed and cut has made me bleed all over my pants and shoes. i walk back to my friend and yell at him, trying to get him to calm down. i notice that his car kept beeping so i pull the key out, and it continued to beep. im standing there in the middle of all this bullshit, when some older woman runs up to me with a wet towel in her hand, telling me to put pressure on my nose and forehead. by the time i noticed, my mom was standing there trying to tell me to leave the place and not get myself into some shit. i tell her that i cant leave these people like this. so the cops and ambulance arrive and they ask me what happened, and i explain to them what happened. they ask me why was i driving fast, and i had to keep telling them that i wasnt the driver. they ask me for my identification, so i give it to them. and they want my friends ID too, but he couldnt even talk to i went in the car and got it for him.

    the guys in the ambulance tried to get me on a stretcher, but i told them to get the lady and my friend first, all i had was bruises and cuts. well, i was in the ambulance with my friend, telling him its going to be allright, that nothing would happen to him, that he should be glad he isnt even hurt. his dad arrives and sees how fucked up i was, but i didnt care, i told him to look after his son while i explained to the cops what happened. so after they question me, they tell me to go into the ambulance and lay down. well, all of my friends see me, all cut up and bleeding and shit, and they are running up to me all panicked yelling "hey muhamed you allright man?? what the hell happened? you look horrible man!" im sitting there with a bloody towel in my hand thinking of everything that happened, how it all could have been avoided if we would have left his house a few minutes later.

    so i black out and wake back up in the hospital, with the doctor checking my breathing and blood pressure. they ask me if i am in pain, and i tell em i need a joint, lol. its all i could say. well, they X-rayed me, and i seen how the left side of my nose was kind of broken inward. i looked in the mirror, feeling like quasimoto or whatever the fuck you call him. i felt so damn ugly, thinking ill never look normal again. i looked at my friend, feeling sorry for him, and at the same time i wanted to break his fucking neck.

    well, after about 2 hours of waiting, the doc prescribes me some vicodin, and tells me to go to this doctor who can break my nose straight again. i thank him for all the advice and shit and i leave, still in my bloody-ass uniform. once i step outside, i see my bros walking up to me, looking at me in worry and asking me if im ok. i tell em im straight and walk to my friend. his dad and cousin apologize to me for everything, and i tell them that its all good, that it was my fault for getting in the car with him. well his dad had fucking tears in his eyes, and my friend was standing there crying still, telling me that he was so sorry for everything. i tell him its too fucking late for all that shit and we should be glad that were still alive, but part of me wanted me to be dead, because i was in serious fucking pain.

    i just cant believe all of this fucking shit happened because of him. none of this would have happened if i never got into his fucking car. god im in such a bad mood, i dont even know what i want to do. the woman that my friend hit was in critical condition, and who the fuck is going to look after her kid(s)? i want to go to her family and apologize for everything, but im too fucked up from the pain killers i took. my mom was worried, and even though i dont get along with her for shit, i never wanted to see her cry and shake like that. i dont even know why i decided to type this, but i have to let it out.

    i feel so guilty, but i dont even know why i feel guilty. at least i got free vicodins and dont have to go to school for 3 days. but my mom blamed us wrecking on drugs, wtf? she said we were probably smoking weed and racing someone. that made no sense to me, but it just shows how fucking ignorant some parents are. oh yeah, she also took my wallet, where i had $100, and she wont give it back because she thinks im going to go buy some more "drugs." i mean damn in not a fucking kid lol, shes pissing me off with this shit. at least i got my pain killers with me to keep me chill. i was lucky, and i hope there wont be a next time for this.
  2. damb bro that sucks..hope you feel better ma dude
  3. wow, holy crap.

    it sounds like you were pretty lucky to get out alright, i'm glad. that was pretty cool of you to take charge and check on everyone else at the scene. sucks ass that your mom is going straight to drugs as a cause, that's bullshit. weed definitely doesn't make a person drive that fast. your friend was just being stupid, but hopefully everything will turn out ok. best of luck dealing with all of it.
  4. it could have been a lot worse, just remember that
  5. lol i told my mom to drug test me to see if she could prove it, i havent smoked in 2 weeks so i would be clear. she said that i was lucky because after a day the test wouldnt show anything. lol now thats seriously ignorant.
  6. holy shit thats a fucking huge paragraph!
    eh.. ill read it later. too stoned right now :smoking:
  7. wow man. thats fuckin nuts. i got into an accident a few weeks ago i dont even like to drive anymore cuzz of it. thank god ur straight tho
  8. What a story, I sure hope everyone turns out alright.
  9. Damn, I've been in just too many situations where I realized that if I just had'nt been there, or done what my gut instinct told me to do, I wouldnt be where I am now. Always trust your gut, always.
  10. Thankfully you are alive. I am deeply sorry you had to go through it, sounds like everyone is pretty shaken up about it. I refuse to let new drivers drive me around(i prefer driving anyways) because i know that they like to "prove" themselves in certain circumstances and basically think they are invincible when they are just not experienced enough for situations. Atleast you got some vicoden out of this, and you have your life. It's gonna suck breaking your nose back to its normal position.

    When i am done with my tolerance break, ill donate some bowls to you.
  11. Damn, that sucks. It's too bad your "friend" is such an idiot. But it could have been a lot worse, and hopefully everyone that was hurt makes it through it ok. At least you got some vic's though.
  12. your friend sounds like a complete asshole who should never drive in the first place

    i hope he gets charged with reckless or something, those are the kinds of people that make me not want to drive around

    luckily you are alright hopefully we can say the same for the lady he hit
  13. damn dude i really hope you get better, im not just sayin it dude, i really hope your alright. that really sucks, at least your not hurt worse and it's good that your friend's ok.
  14. + rep

    Thats cool how you thought of the other people first man, and this is for everyone, THINK OF WHO YOU GET IN A CAR WITH. A lot of people treat them like toys nowadays, stay safe (sounds cheesey as hell). Hope you start feeling better man, this ones to you *sparks bowl*
  15. i got the news from my friend today. the lady who we hit is in U of L, which is a university here in louisville. she is looking more stable now they say. my friend got charged with 1. reckless driving, 2. driving without a license. his dad got charged with letting him without driving without a license. that little bastard told me that he had a license before we wrecked. well im in a much better mood now because im getting a 20-sack tommorow. me and my homie are going to smoke again after a week or two. hell, maybe ill smoke out the friend who was driving to show him that im not holding anything against him. he seriously thought i was going to beat the living shit out of him today, and when i walked up to shake his hands he jumped back like i was about to hit him or something. well, so far so good guys. thanks for listening grass city, i really couldnt have kept this in without going crazy.
  16. wow.

    imma make some "brownies" and send em down, maybe that will help. that is some straight crazy ass shit. but dude shoulda known better. MAN rest up and feel better. Thats nuts
  17. Ever since I read that you hit the lady dead on in the passenger side, I've been hoping that her and her kid are all right. :/

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