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car windshield busted by bottles, threw glass at coked out bitch

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Droppin A Duece, Apr 23, 2010.

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  1. #1 Droppin A Duece, Apr 23, 2010
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    hey gc, some seriously fucked up shit went down tonight

    i was over in the suburbs of illinois, couple of homies out there were throwing a party, so im driving and i arrive at my guys house (we'll call him b) - we go inside and pass a few bong bowls around and he tells me the party is at T's house (my other guy) - so after a few more bong bowls and watching captain planet vhs recordings, we head out to T's house for a long night of chilling and smoking and a bit of drinking or so i thought..

    we get to T's house and we noticed at first when we went down the street that nobody was parked near his house, only his car was in the drive way, we thought it was a little weird, we get out and walk inside anyways, T says the party was moved to this girl nikki's house and he was bringing his own 24 case of miller lite (bottles, i can't stand miller or any american beer for that matter, give me a guinness) and we were gonna split it 8 beers a piece so i wasnt complaining, we put the beer in the trunk and twist up a philly of some heads, we each take a 1 mg bar of xanax and smoke the blunt on the ride there, we ended up getting lost 3 times because we were pretty high and kept thinking all the houses with porches were her house, so we'd stop and stare at it for a few minutes and decide "nah that's not it"

    finally after 25 minutes of driving around we find the house it seemed sketchy as fuck as we thought it was gonna be some chill shit but we ended up going in anyways, lots of cars parked out front, kids scattered all over the property drunk and being belligerent as shit, we walk in and all venture our separate ways and chit chat amongst the crowd of people that overwhelmed the property

    after a bit we finished off the whole case and spent some time chillin and talking with people, then we heard the owner of the house nikki start screaming "WHO THE FUCK LEFT ALL THESE GOD DAMN MILLER BOTTLES IN THE BIN, WHO'S FUCKING CASE IS THIS?" - all the kids were dead silent and were like "WELL WE SAW B AND T AND M WALKING IN WITH IT SO IT MUCH BE THERES" - by then we were like "aw fuck, let's bounce before they figure it out" as we're getting in my car this bitch comes crashing through the front door, the big 24 case in her hand stuffed with all the empty bottles from the recycling bin and just gets infront of my car as we're about to pull off and whips the entire case at my car, breaking like 12 - 13 bottles on my windshield, the rest of the case fell off the front of the car, cracked the entire windshield straight across

    so me and my guys got out and started talking mad shit while grabbin all this broken glass (mostly half broken bottles) of my windshield, bare ass hands (like fucking idiots) this bitch was still standing there yelling and screaming about "DON'T FUCKING FILL MY RECYCLE BIN WITH ALL THOSE BOTTLES, YOU TAKE THAT SHIT WITH YOU" and we just started whipping them right at her, hit her a good 3 - 4 times mostly in the body and arms, the others just broke on the street and sidewalk, but my guy T got her good right in the face on her cheek as she was running into the house saying she was gonna get her guys to fuck us up, we cleared my car of the big half broken glass bottles and dipped outta that shit, my guy grabbed the case from infront of the car and threw it in the back seat, which made my car reek of beer

    all in all, i have a pretty deep cut between my pinky and ring finger from a shard of glass cutting me (didnt feel it too much being a bit tipsey), we had to stop near an apartment complex and throw the remaining case out in the dumpster and clean the remaining glass off from inside the windshield wiper cravas with the damn snow cleaning thing.

    the only reason we know this bitch was on coke is because i saw her doing a bunch of lines off a cooler in the kitchen, so im sure that added to her anger, that or she's naturally angry, either one, that girl was a fucking bitch.

    that will be the last time i ever go to some teenage 17 year old oriented party again, too old for that kids shit anyways, thought it'd be fun and it was until that bitch went ape shit
  2. i'd personally break every single one of her windows on her parents property, have mommy and daddy come home to that. stupid bitch can't even act rationally and throw the bottles out? most people would be fucking happy you recycled the bottles and brought your own beer, instead of mooching or littering. she's a teenager, doing coke off a cooler? dumb fucking idea i wonder how much she wasted trying to look cool in front of her so-called friends.
  3. woah man, too much violence in this thread, hitting a women?

    can't we all just get along? :smoke::smoke:
  4. What you go to do is go to her house at 4am when everyone is fast asleep. Then circle around her house with big rocks, on the count of three everyone throws a rock through a window. Imagine being asleep, then every window in the house breaks at once.
  5. what a psycho! maybe she didn't realize that she can trade those bottles in for cash! lol
  6. I love this idea!
    That would scare the fuck out of me..
  7. There is women, and there is bitches and this girl sounds like a bitch.
  8. Looks like Mitchy made another account haha.
  9. I can't take this story seriously with your name being "Droppin A Deuce".
  10. I would have thrown a few bottles into her houses windows before I left.
  11. [ame=]YouTube - Captain Planet Intro[/ame]

    This is pretty much all I got out of your story
  12. Dude... I'd be pissed as shit if some 17 year old coke whore chucked a case of miller at my car and cracked my windshield:mad:

    Doesn't she understand how parties usually go? That odds were that miller case would have ended up strewn across her front lawn, instead of piled in the recycle bin...

    I definitely would have thrown some bottles, probably not at her, but i'd throw a couple through her windows for good measure:D
  13. Dude, at least you were fucking recycling.
    What a bitch.

    I would have pelted her with glass bottles too.
    In the fucking face. Or broken her house windows with them.
    That's an absolutely ridiculous way to act, being coked out is no excuse. Neither is being a girl. Take some responsibility for your actions. Realize that someone will stomp your ass if you act like such a fool.
    I've been coked out before too, and I don't get the feeling to go throwing cases through people's car windows.
  14. Never heard of someone so angry about recycling.

    Not a fan of the mass violence in this thread but I have to be honest that it's pretty funny you guys just got out and started humming the broken glass bottles directly at her.
  15. yea man at first i was going to say "daaaamn not cool with throwin bottles at a girl" but then i remembered you said you took a xanax so that explains that. anyways, sucks for your windshield.
  16. some states don't buy back returnables. luckily mine does.

    i would've walked around her house punching out windows if she had cracked my windshield.
  17. I would have stuffed her in the car. That'd be the last time anyone saw that bitch.

    I'd bury her alive.
  18. are you not worried about possible consequences for assaulting a 17 year-old girl with a broken bottle?
  19. I lived in illinois.
    and no joke, mostly every bitch I knew...was just as crazy as that...
  20. Why would he be? Bitch was snorting coke and probably had a bunch of underage (like 80% of parties) kids getting fucked up in her crib. She smashed his windsheild in. I wouldn't be afraid of shit.

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