Car Searched For Suspicion Of Pirated Music

Discussion in 'General' started by nelswick, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. haha shit dude that sucks balls
  2. THEY CANT FUCKING DO THAT! can they? fuck that id tell the cop to fuck off.
  3. Well I didn't read all of that ... but I'm under the impression that happened in VA which is where I'm from

    ... hold on ...

    I have to go hide all of my pirated cd's ... be right back:rolleyes:

    lol ... that shit is crazy
  4. What?! that is some bullshit, there is no way that is legal. Since when have poor quality CD's been contraband? That poor fucker better get himself a good lawyer and give those cops a good Fuck Off for all us law abiding (or not) citezins.
  5. my understanding is that under the 4th amendment they can only bring up the mj to prove if the defendant is a liar (impeachment). that shit is fucked up.
  6. Owned, I guess keep your CDs in a big black case which is closed at all time?
  7. Did he have to consent to a search?
  8. Owned. Owch that sucks tho.
  9. they got a warrant for cds and nailed him for possession with intent to distribute. which my understanding is having over a certain weight. that's bullshit because i'd totally buy a qp to smoke myself stupid.
  10. Pirated CD's is probable cause (aka: consent) in this case.
  11. iTunes is a perfectly legal file sharing program, he could have said he was a iTunes subscriber!


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