Car problems...need input/advice

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  1. Alright blades here's the story,

    Was heading home really early in the morning from a friends house. I will admit I was dozing (stupid to be driving so tired I know), and the roads were pretty slick. After a couple very minor dozes, I had a major one, and woke up looking into the wide-eyed face of the man driving the van about 10 meters in front of me. I quickly jerk the wheel and miss the guy in the van (not by much). Ended up losing control, spinning 360 degrees and slamming into a snowbank that was taller than my car (luckily).

    So I was fine, but stuck in the snowbank. Luckily a couple cops stopped by and were friendly/sympathetic and helped me flag down a tow truck to pull me out. I love meeting officers who just want to do their job and keep everyone safe, especially other drivers since I was definitly blocking the road a bit from where I was stuck. Little did they know I had a 12 pack of brews in the back (nbd since I'm 21), but also an open whiskey bottle and an eighth of some smelly buds. Long story short they pulled me out, I drove home, all is well.

    I know it was stupid and I got extremely lucky in all aspects of this situation.

    Now for my problem...ever since this incident, my car starts to shake slightly starting at 45 mph, and gets more intense the faster I go. It's not like a shaking in the steering wheel, which is what my old car did, but an overall shake (feels to me like it's coming from the rear). I have a 97 Honda Civic Si. Any of you car buffs here have any ideas what might be wrong with it? I just want to get a heads up of what to maybe expect before I bring it to a mechanic. I am hoping it is something simple/cheap, I had in mind that maybe I just knocked it way out of alignment or something, but tbh I don't know much about cars and if this is even possible. Something tells me it can't be too bad since I only hit snow, and I wasn't really traveling that fast.

    Any advice or input is greatly appreciated. Thanks blades! :smoke:
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    The first thing to check is to see if your tires are balanced. And check for bent rims.
  3. Great thanks for the info. Stupid question I know, but like I said I don't know a lot about cars. Are the tires being balanced the same as alignment?
  4. Take it into any garage (or garages) for a free checkup.
  5. to balance the wheels they gotta take them off and spin them on a machine. alignments can cost around $50 to $60, not sure about the balance. It may just be some snow in one or both of your wheels. When it gets packed in there, the car will shake. First, i'd get the alignment checked, if it's fine.. get the back wheels balanced

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