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Discussion in 'General' started by cheebaa, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. Hello city,
    I come to you with a dilema. I have finally narrowed down my search to 1 vehicle, there is a deposit down on it-it is mine if I choose. BUT.... I don't want to purchase it till I hear what you guys have to say. So it's a 1997 ford ranger 4.0L v6 extended cab w/bedliner, cap, ac, etc (no power doors/locks though) for only 5900$. I drove it, it drives nice and smooth- no noises or rust. The only down side is it has 81k miles, which is not horrible but what do you guys think---- should I buy it? (P.S. I'm not into the cap I'm just gonna sell it probably when I get it home)
  2. Offer him 5700, It seems like a good truck.
  3. I wouldnt pay that price for that.

    But i wouldnt buy a Ford period.

  4. hah got that 100% correct. ford = found on road dead
  5. Cheeba, what you should do is go to the Kelly Blue Book site:

    and enter all the information. I started to do this for your Ranger, but then there were a bunch of choices that I didn't know about. What I did read though is that the typical mileage for a 1997 Ranger is 84K. Anyway, it's a good place to check out what a car is worth... since you're buying, make sure to click the button for Retail Value. Good luck! :cool:

  6. Talk to a hundred different people and you'll find some ford some chevy and some dodge fans, FORD isn't the only ones who make bad vehicles. All vehicles are terrible.

    I checked KBB and they said 5500, it's close I mean they have to make something, I'll try to talk them down as much as I can

  7. Let them know that you checked on the Blue Book price and it was $5500. That should bring them down. And don't worry... they'll be making money... trust me! Go back to Kelly Blue Book and check out the Trade In Value and the Private Party Value buttons. Both of these will be lower than the Retail Value. The trade in value is what they probably gave the previous owner when he traded it in... so, yeah, don't worry about them making their money. :cool:
  8. Damn....atleast I ain't the only ford hater here! Go get you a silverado or if you want a smaller truck...get an S-10 with the 4.3L....that mofo is QUICK.
  9. buy a nissan skyline instead.

  10. Fad car. It's a great vehicle but there is so much more that Japan has to offer if you are importing. </offtopic>

    I may be buying a ranger in the fall. Never was a huge Ford fan, but I hate GM with a passion and Dodge trucks just don;t do it for me. I work on a MOPAR pit crew though, so maybe I should be reppin'.
  11. Yeah man, for real, everything ford touches turns to shit.

    on the work-site it's the ford exploder. haha. we're not clever enough to come up with anything for the ranger or F series.
  12. AhahahahA!...that's what we call my mom's explorer! +rep
  13. and speed around all fast and furious style, sorry man I don't want to be like that
  14. how many other vehicles did you check out?
  15. plenty, But i wanted a truck, and also I am only 20 years old so insurance was a huge factor in this purchase as well. Overall it's a good deal i mean my payments will only be 150$ a month for the car payment and 250$ for insurance. I can afford to buy a nice 2003 ( i was looking to spend $12000) but full insurance on a truck that new was $450 a month with a 300$ car payment. It was just way to much.
  16. find a used toyota tacoma. they are reliable as hell and even though they dont drive that nice its a nice car. my father has one and when i need a truck its an easy drive evne though its manual. he had one before and it broke down at 150,000 miles but that is cuz we never di danythign besides chance the oil every 10,000 miles( on reg oil so that is not very often) and tires when it needed and maybe a clutch i dont remember. and even at 150,000 it was only like a 300 dollar repair but he decided he wanted a new truck.
  17. shibi is exactly right. If you want a good truck get a Toyota Tacoma or a Nissan Frontier...

    I'm looking into getting an older Mercedes right now, maybe a diesel, those things can carry on with a million miles on them (literally) and they never quite lose their "It's a Benz" factor.
  18. tacomas are deffinatley reliable as hell. changed the oil ever 10k? holy damn... im surprised it didnt break down after 7 or 8... haha
  19. definatley dont give them ove 5300 or so. IN a year that car is ten years old. If your gonna get an older truck get a toyota or a nissan, they run forever.
  20. i would strongly advise against the roomate has a frontier as does a good friend back home and they're not good trucks at all. they may last but they have zero power and is all but unbearable to drive...the tacoma, or a toyota t100, would be a great choice as everyone else was sayin

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