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Car breaks down on a blunt cruise.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Chilltoker420, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. #1 Chilltoker420, Aug 6, 2011
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    So My buddy and I go on a blunt cruise before he has to go to work. Yesterday I drove to my friend's house and hit a pot hole that I didn't see and it made my aligning on the wheel off but i thought it could last a couple more days. So im driving and were like almost through the blunt when we hear a screeching noise and i stop and put it in park and the fucking wheel on my buddies side is almost off.

    So i'm getting pretty pissed cause this is like the third fucking time this month something has happened to my car and making me spend alot of money in which I could be spending on some bud. So my buddies kinda freaking out cause he has work-oh we both don't have cell phones either-so he takes off cause he has his bike in the back of my car so he takes off and tells me hes going to call my grandparents cause there the one's im living with right now.

    So im sitting there next to my car pretty blazed pretty pissed off and im in a bad area its sucluded but im on the bottom of a hill and cars come down it pretty fast. So i'm still sitting there and at least 15 cars passed me and out of all those cars TWO people stopped and asked me if i wanted to use their phone so i was thankfull for thosse people cause i called my parents to get me and a tow. So the guy left who was letting me use their phone and maybe like 10 minutes later a fucking cop pulls behind me and asked if i could move the car over anymore then it was so i told him that it was messed up.

    As he gets out of the car im still really blazed btw I start to get nervous cause my car prob reaked off weed. But it all turned out ok and now fellow tokers please excuse me im going to smoke alot. Peace and pot. sorry for the rant.
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    That sucks, my boy and I were all pilled up smoking bowls one day when we got hit by a huge truck. And of course the unit who comes to the accident is the K9..
  3. That's good I was just supper pissed and very nervous all at the same time. Sucked.
  4. that sucks what a huge waste of a high.

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