Car accidents suck

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  1. Here's the situation, I was at an intersection about to turn left (light was yellow, I was in middle of intersection) and as I hit the gas I look up and see a red truck speed up trying to beat the red light. I slammed on my brakes he slammed on his but it didn't stop us from colliding.

    My frame's bent (of course), his is hardly dented(of course), some lady gets pissed off like I just stopped in the intersection on my own accord and starts hitting her horn. I smile and wave at her, take my time checking the damage out and get back in my car to move it into a parking lot.:wave:

    My car smells like straight BUD, terribly, like a fucking skunk died in my back seat because I was hitting the bong last night, which is in the trunk. Thankfully, the cop that came didn't even get out of his car to smell it. Huge sigh of relief.

    We're still not sure who's fault it was, we exchanged numbers and got out of there because we both had to go to class.
  2. that sucks dude, hope everyone is alright none the less. were there any witness's or anything that can say the light was yellow and you were sitting in the intersection and saw him try to beat it? Otherwise where you were turning depending on where he hit you it will most likely be considered your fault.

    I got hit by a dumb ass lady in a hummer a few months back she we were at an intersection where it was 2 lanes the right for straight and right turn only and the left for left turn only, well the lady was watching the light and the green arrow came up and she hit her gas and came right up into my back seat with her front end didnt bend frame or anything so they repaired it but it sucked. I mean is it that confusing that if your in the right lane behind other cars and a green left pointing arrow comes up to not step on your gas to go straigt?
  3. Yeah a bunch of people saw it but I didn't think to get their numbers. The other guy seemed pretty honest though, if that counts.

    I've never been rear-ended, thankfully.
  4. The one car accident I've been in was similar to your situation.

    Driving through a town with a lot of old people, I was turning left at a light, light turned yellow and oncoming traffic stopped so I start turning. First car across from me STARTS FROM A DEAD STOP and idles into me.

    Barely any damage and nobody was hurt, but goddam people should have to retake their drivers tests every few years or something. Old people can't fucking drive.
  5. Well if the light was yellow and you were turning left, and he slammed into you, it's your fault. Your supposed to yield to oncoming traffic on green for left turns, so yeah, your fucked. You were in the wrong for making the turn, not him for speeding up to make the light when he had the right away. Sorry to tell ya.
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    Actually, you are not suppose to floor it to make a yellow light. When turning left, you can be out in the middle of the intersection waiting for oncoming traffic, you weren't able to do that a bit ago. He had to turn left, the dude coming up wasn't suppose to hit the gas to make the yellow light, he was suppose to be cautious and slow down, as is the meaning of the yellow light.

    OP couldn't back up, nor could he wait for a red light to turn while he was in the intersection, as you could risk getting pulled over. He shouldn't get pulled over that, but it is possible.
  7. ^ That's why I'm still not sure whether or not it was my fault. I still have to make a statement to my insurance company, I should know then.

    My back is on fire, going to the doctor as well to get into some physical therapy.
  8. Chances are it's your fault sadly... I hate when people try to beat yellow lights... like seriously... you can't wait 30 seconds? I always hate the tension of deciding whether the oncoming car is going to stop for me to turn.

    And another reason it could be your fault is that you aren't suppose to idle out into the middle of the intersection right before a turn... you are only suppose to accelerate when you intend on making a full turn. Though I do feel for you... I hate bad drivers.

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