Car Accident! :(

Discussion in 'General' started by ganjaphish, Dec 30, 2001.

  1. Hey everyone,
    Phishhead and I got in a car accident today.. Nobody got hurt, but my car got completely totalled.. Thank goodness we didn't get stoned before we left or we may have been totalled too! We were the tail end of a 3-car pile-up in the rain, and it really shook us up... Our car hit a Lexus, big $$ but we have decent coverage...
    Not sure what to do now, they took a police report, and I called my insurance, I get a rental car for 25 days, and then what?? Time to get a new car but with what money? And what's a good car? Argh. Frustration when I need it least. We just got out of debt and are finally able to START saving for a car...

    Thank GOD GOD GOD that we had a nice phat sack of greenbud to come home too, my nerves are shot! WOOO
    We're not going anywhere for New Year's NOW!
    Sorry, I just had to vent somewhere somehow.. Hope ya guys don't mind, I just feel kinda zoned, and the weed isn't helping THAT condition ;)
    xo to you all drive SAFE !! and even more safe than you think too, because I thought we were driving safe too :(
  2. Oh, ganjaphish, I'm sorry. But at least you guys are okay! Hopefully the insurance company will give you a fair amount of money so you can buy another decent car. I am just glad you didn't get hurt.

    Best of luck, girl. I'm thinking of ya. Pm me if you want to talk.

  3. It totaly sucks to crash a car, I know the frustration, but you gusy are not hurt and thats the most important. Enjoy the new year anyways!

  4. same here gal ,we care and now what friends are !i hope your new car has airbags and is safe! re member to put in a frist aid kit! high stony hows it going!good luck tazz11
  5. Thanks guys!!
    The one thing I must say, is I have been the biggest advocate AGAINST cell phones. I have never owned one, and never planned to until yesterday...
    There aren't no pay phones in highway medians!! And the people who you were involved in a crash with aren't too happy about lending you THEIR celly. We were directed to an abandoned industrial park, with no payphones or ANYTHING. The tow truck guy refused to leave us there (THANK GOD) and took us to the nearest pay phone.

    I agree, the important thing is that neither of us are hurt. I count my blessings everyday as it is and here's another blessing to add on, I am glad I have a place to go like GrassCity.. Thanks again you guys !!

    Have a great New Year's Eve, anyone planning on going anywhere??
  6. But cars are replaceable, people are'nt! Glad to hear y'all are OK. It seems like it's not if you're gonna crash, but when and how bad. Sometimes you just seem to be in the wrong place at the right time. Oil up the ol' credit and go give yo' ass to the bank for the next several years. Spend some money on whatever you buy. Ya really get what you pay for when buying a used car.

    New Years is a bad night to go out anyway. Stay home and get toasted! Close to the people (and cats!) that you love!

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