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Car Accident

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ManCandy, May 24, 2013.

  1. So I just got my liscence 2 days ago, and today I was chilling at the skatepark, and a buddy wanted to make a sev run, so I let him take my car. Comes back, tried to drift, and slams the side into the wall of the skatepark. There's a small dent, and there's a bunch of white paint on it from the wall of park. He said he'd pay for it all. Anyone know how much it costs to get a small dent out, and touch up the paint? Do you think I deserve to get in shit for this?
  2. What is this question doing here? I'm pretty sure no one knows.
  3. Moral of the story? Don't let retard friends drive your car...
    Your friend shouldn't even have to pay for it, you fucked up. In fact, I would shake your friends hand.
  4. Haha that's fucked up man, why would you lend him your car, I'd never let my friend take my car ha
  5. yeah just make it known that you and only you drive your car and maybe your friends will understand better
  6. That's why I don't let dumb asses drive my car. Only me and my closest friend do. We switch off driving on road trips and if someone feels to high.
  7. At least 500 bucks. And that is cheap.
  8. I lol'd when I read "tried to drift." What are you doing hanging out with people that dumb man? 
  9. #10 StickyDro, May 24, 2013
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    1.) Don't let anyone touch anything of yours over 100 dollars without asking
    2.) Don't let them do stupid shit in/on/around anything worth over 100 dollars
    3.) It's going to cost well over 4 hundred dollars, unless you get the door replaced, still like a hundred bucks or more.
    4.) Don't hangout with dumbasses who try stupid shit like this. That's how you get caught/arrested.
  10. its easy they take off the side panel or bumber they put this magoy suction cup n pop presto its normal then they match the color but id do the coloring your self go to a hardware store get a spray paint in the car paint section or what ever same same color it will say on the drivers side the color usually either on the floor under where the door colses or on the back of the door like there the lock is i do this all the time
  11. I don't care if Jesus comes down from heaven and asks if he can take my car to Cali for a road trip, if you're not on my insurance (just me) you're not sitting in the driver's seat.
  12. you goddamn right
  13. I saw case just like this on Judge Judy. It was your fault, your responsiblity. You gave him permission, but did not make an agreement that he should pay fro anything in the event that a damage occurs. Take it as a lesson, sucks bro, but that's life.
  14. I feel like you are out of breath just from typing this lol
  15. Shit no offense, that's on you brah.  You gave him the keys and said go.  I wouldn't pay shit, if he offers good for you, but still.  You're just as at fault as him.
  16. You watch Judge Judy  :laughing:
    I seriously lol'd.
  17. #18 Dryice, May 24, 2013
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    Judge Judy is my mothafuckin nigga. So happy nigga isn't a censored word anymore.
  18. Irony is lost on most people, punctuation is lost with that kid.
  19. And the racist run amok...

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