Capitalism: A Love Story

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Tokensmoke10, May 12, 2010.

  1. I watched this last night and it's been my first Michael Moore movie I've seen. After taking sociology and political science classes, my eyes have really been open to what the government is all about.

    Now, I'm not sure how accurate or dramatized this movie was but it really makes you think about our system of capitalism. In sociology you learn that capitalism is all about exploitation and competition.

    In the news and the movie, people are really starting to revolt which makes me to believe that a change really is coming.

    Has anyone else seen this movie and think that an economy shift from capitalism to socialism really could happen sooner than you think?:smoking:
  2. It was okay. Very biased but pretty good.

    and i was pissed when he started blowing smoke up obama's ass at the end
    he only shows how evil the republicans are and then treats obama like he's gonna fucking save the world
  3. I agree it was extremely bias but his facts are hard to ignore.
  4. ^ i couldnt agree more... i mean he is a aging hippie liberal douche but his points are undeniable

    the part where the companies would take out life insurance policies on their dying employees (when their families dont even have life insurance on them)

    it blew my fucking mind to say the least

  5. At the very least, it might have been smart to not call them dead peasants.:rolleyes:

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