canvas wardrobe grow need input!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by smokey1983, Sep 13, 2007.

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  2. Looks OK yes. If you want some more input you need to give more details. (and yes mylar is essential...or a white interior at least.)

    GC needs this info:

    Type of soil...preferably with N-P-K numbers. If you still have the bag for the soil see if you can find some numbers in the description of what the soil contains. What make is the soil? (Miracle Kill..I mean Grow, sorry...or Fox Farms..?)

    You are using many? What wattage? I hope they are daylight ones.

    How often do you water? How much water do you give them?

    Have you used any nutes yet? (Best not to for the minute I reckon)

    Do you have fresh air going into your grow space? Do you have an extraction fan?

    *The sticky threads in the Absolute Beginners section are fantastic...have a read of those*

    If you check out Mr. Goodstuff's journal he lists there all the mistakes and stuff he learned from his grows...very useful! (There is a copy of that post in my latest journal)

    I hope this helps.

    GC are very helpful, but they can only help you if you help them with info.
  3. i am using 36w cfls 3 of them the temp and that is fine getting fresh air to i am using this soil no nuts wot are the nuts for and wot 1s do i use i water them every 2 to 3 days or when they need it i am using clay pellets for drainage i cant find the numbers or ingrediants on the bag of soil but you might know the soil yourself thanks hope you can give me some info

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  4. new pictures fresh today looking good i think

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  5. very challenged the going theory that MG with continuous release fert. is bad.
  6. The plants look healthy, nice one. No nutes, that soil will have more than enough. Careful not to water until soil is dry one inch down. When the soil is dry enough give them plenty of one go, not 3 times a day or every day....when the soil is dry give them plenty.

    Why not start a should get help as you go along.

    When I started my first grow I almost lived on this forum reading and reading. Now on my second, I STILL have to read and check things and ask people stuff. It's a big learning curve...but you will end up with some nice weed that you didn't have to meet someone in a car park for...........

    Best of luck mate :hello:
  7. here are some more pictures after i transplanted them because the roots were coming out the bottom of the other pot i have used 2 12 litre buckets and put drainage holes in the bottom i transplanted them yesterday and watered them today because the soil was wet enough hope they are gonna be ok any info would be great thanks !!!!

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  8. These plants look lovely!!

    Got any money? :eek:

    If you have, get a decent pH meter. I can reccommend highly the Bluelabs pH truncheon (probably more for UK than US?) but it's around £80. It's a serious piece of kit and essential to growing good weed. You need to reduce the pH of your can't remember for soil!!! **please read Grandpa's sticky in Absolute Beginners (I think) flipping brilliant info in there, and he says what pH should be. Might be an idea to ask a soil grower for advice on what kind of pH soil tester to might need that too. But the pH meter for the water would be a good buy.

    If the pH is too high it causes a "pH lockout" which means that the plants are unable to absorb the nutrients.

    **When your lights are off make sure that your grow space really is pitch black. You do not want ANY light at all** This is important because light leaks during the dark periods can lead to hermaphrodites.

    Under CFL lighting during veg I have read (recently) that you are best having them on 24/7.

    As for lighting...I don't know a great deal about CFLs. You need to read about others growing with them to get the right type, both for veg and flowering. But the main thing is...the more light the better!
  9. *Grandpa's Guide is at the top of this forum section by the way

    Don't cut corners on the pH measuring device mate, get a good one. I cut corners with my EC my cost. I've just ordered a Bluelabs one.
  10. why are my leaves curling up need input please help

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  11. Could be a number of things. You need a pH meter! In my case leaf curl was an Mg deficiency. You could try getting some epsom salts (chemist £1.59). Follow the measurements in my current journal (page 3 I think).

    Lack of ferts is extremely unlikely considering the soil.
    Over watering is possible.
    Over ferting is also possible with that soil.

    Please take a long and patient look at the sick plants section and even post in there for more info. The ideas I put above are only ideas....I am definitely no expert with plant problems!
  12. what are the salts for mate i think it is over watering them
  13. here are some more pictures i have got some white 1 side black the other side for the reflection of the light and the plants are going ok i think any info would be great thanks all !!!!!!!!!!!
    the picture with the white line though it is the canvas wardrobe in the dark
    ok just to let you know

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  14. Cool but you might like to cut a strip of black plastic and tape it on so it covers over the join as light is leaking out...if it's leaking out you may find that light can get in also....very bad idea especially during flowering.

    I don't see a lot of damage here but the leaf curl MAY indicate an Mg defficiency. Get some Epsom salts from the chemist and use one quarter of a teaspoon per litre of water. (when they next need extra waterings!)
  15. If you have already used it don't add more yet. You could try putting the salts (to the dilution above) into a sprayer and foliar spray them once a day.
  16. hi my plant has been overwater than a transplate it to dry soil
    there is some pics actully

    dropping leaves.jpg
    kiwi.JPG shes dorppin and startin to go yellow is bad i know =(

    im pretty sad i been unlucky with my first gorw =/
  17. check it out my older setup and now my new SEtUp created today i been working 2 hours to do it done

    old setup


    now my new SETup created today =)




    subscribe it ;)

    THank u i will buy perlite too

    but i dont know exaclly what it does to the soil .. ?.?

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