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  1. Snoleperd here, I went back to my ice frozen cave to meditate on skeezy seed banks they r out there, however this works both ways, as I'm shure ,,people call up all the time complaining but what makes Snoleperd grind his fangs is seeds that will not germanate this is an insult as Snoleperd has been doing this 4 35 years, stay away from bomb seeds i never had a plant so geneticley stoked, that said about a year ago i bought 3 royal queen seeds that did not germanate from some co called True North, even though i paid i dont know a lot! They were kind enough to not give me what i paid 4 but 2 autos, purple kush, critical mass, slick new packaging but still Snoleperd is dubious but promised i would give an honest review, that said started 2 germaate today and we shall see what we will see.
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  2. I have tried their quarter pounder auto and had poor success.

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  3. As said,Snoleperd is dubious.
  4. I got Gorilla Bomb and Royal Gorilla (Fems) from Bonza..100% germination rate so far:)
    Of Course NO Breeder Pkg;)
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  5. Never heard of them at this point i dont know who 2 trust, bomb seeds pretty much raped me, had good luck with nirvana buble gum but accidentley tossed the beans, then bought og kush not 1 bean popped, crop king is honest but i grew everything i wanted from them, bc bud depot had wonderful luck with mdanzig sour spyder, then bought 6 dna genetics60 day lemon 1 poped, and of course wans they have your jing they dont care, true north dont do it, i only say this to try and protect my friends on this site so they dont go through what i have, that said if anyone can recommend a reputable bank/ breeder im all ears.
  6. Bonza seed bank are a great bank

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  7. Bonza is good i ordered some special kush #1 seeds

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  8. Bonza, TSSC, (Uk)..True North In Canada (pricey but ok) are all good..
    MSNL is ok, but of late has been screwing up and mixing up seeds!
  9. R u serious? I ordered 3 royal queen seeds from True north i got 2 canuk seeds instead, stay away, even seed police say there fake, and Snoleperd highly agreed!
  10. Odd..Mine came in sealed breeder pks ..even the Freebie came sealed as well..WTF..Glad you replied..Was gonna give them another shot..Thank You!
  11. Mine 2 slick new packaging, we have a saying round here, you can dress a who're up, take her out even, next day, she s still a whore. SNOLEPERD ps no offence to the woman on this site, I'm just outraged I got raped by bomb seeds to the tune of$130, and by nirvana for another $50 i am not happy and I am trying 2 warn my friends ( U !!!! ) from going thru this 2, if u guys don't want to know who's burning who ( ie me ) I will stop!!!!! Snoleperd
  12. No..Plz continue..I for one am glad you let us know!!

    I just got a wee bit burned by MSNL..Got 20 fem GDPs (their own genetics I think)..planted 3 of them 2 are GDP and one other is very different; Leaf structure as well as stem and branch and Bud structure..:(
    Another from them is screwy too Nitro Lemon Haze looks more Indica to me but she is still in Veg.
    This crap is really pissing me off. I am switching mostly to cloning myself.
  13. Yep they e Mail me dayley trying 2 sell there wares, try seedfinder seed police they r listed as a fake co. SNOLEPERD
  14. Too bad..Some of their stuff is pretty damn nice..
    Bonza and TSSC have been good too.

    From what I see, these seedbanks change daily..sometimes spot on and sometimes ripyaoff.
    Bleh, it's not as though they don't make MORE than enough as it is..!
  15. Right, but what really gets me going is when seeds won't germaate like after 35 years I can't do this! Anyway I do have 1 ace in my paw, last year I met a kid and he blessed me with a bean said it was feminized, told me to put her in a 10 gal pot, i did it its outside, but 4 the life of me i cant remember what this plant is, it smells earthy with a hint of pine sol, can anybody tell me what i have going on. SNOLEPERD

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  16. She is really a religious gal, praying as she does..LOL
    She surely has a bunch of Sativa looking Foliage I think!
  17. I hear you..I think I maybe seeing my 1st germination failure..a Feminized Nirvana Blue Mystic..Soaked in RO until it sank..into damp paper towels until she cracked..then to plain ole Jiffy Starter soil (like countless successful times before)..Oh well
    Forgot..True North sold me a 5 pc breeder's pk//:( No More thanx to you:)
  18. Hey, Snoleperd here, so nobody could help identify my outdoors plant? Anyone? Ok then down 2 buissnes, cunuk seeds purple kush feminized autoflower seeds ( man just that name leaves a bad taste in my mouth ) anyhow seed germanated in 24 hours ( not allways a good thing with autos, if they grow 2 fast the plant well I call it stacking grows 2 fast this does not give the plant time 2 stretch out when the nodes r so close together the branches smash into the fan leaves witch then requires prune ing witch stresses the plant ECT ) plant is in a 3 gal pot a mix of fox farm happy frog my other is in ocean forest ph 6.5 added worm caseings, pearlite, and grow stone's 4 drainage, temp 75f hum dew point mid 40s , lighting California light works veg master led chip diode rig full spec + full spec led spotlights around plant I am most definitely putting out some lumes. Now we wait, I put that bean in with surgical precision, I want no mistakes on my part as I promised True North an honest review and crow is not on snoleperds diet so i did everything possible on this end time to burn 1, happy growing
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  19. I went to nirva and bought 5 bubleisious seed I accidentley threw 4 of the beans out but the1 plant I did grow was fine but did not smell like bubblegum I'm not that stupid it smelled peppery but it was very good I will upload a photo about 2 weeks before harvest, then I orders 5 og kush seeds I wet them 4 days nothing, no nothing wtf, I'm starting a burn list 3 parts do not buy, if u buy ur taking a gamble, green means reputable, so on my black list bomb seeds, DNA genetics, on my grey list bc bud depot, true north nirvana, Eric Bergman ilgm, msnp, green list gorilla, original (Spain ) barnys farm, diafem,royal queen seeds,, banza, crop king ( they r honest ) ,flash seeds, duch passion, dr kripling, and u all add to this and we will know who is burning who, some of these co r out of control i am 100per cent disabled, I have RSDS just about the most painfully chronic illnesses known to man and weed r my meds if we work together and boycott the bad we have the power I 4 1 am sick of getting ft over. SNOLEPERD

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  20. Everyone said gorilla was the place 2 go, I ORDERED 3 California snow had 2 I am after all a snoleperd, 3 black cream, a Dr Kipling grand heft auto ( I do have a Dr Kipling seed dizzy lights I have no desire 2 grow that been there done that a long time ago I am not

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