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Can't use rolling paper tonight or blunts. Can i use normal paper or cardboard? lol

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sir Durendal, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. i have a gram of really good train wreck... i can't get blunts or paper tonight... i wana smoke this shit tonight...i cant do it out of apples or carrots because this bud is already crumpled up is aleady broken down. I cant smoke out of an apple with small bunches of weed. I need to know if i can smoke with normal paper... some one told me that i can and someone told me that the paper burns long before the bud and the bud just falls out.. any other thing i can use? please guys..thanx
  2. I wouldn't recommend it. Just make a can or tinfoil pipe. Contrary to what people say here, doing that once in awhile won't hurt you even a little. Aluminum's vaporization temperature is far higher than what you can achieve with a lighter or buring weed.
  3. i have no idea how to make a tin foil pipe..
  4. Take tinfoil and wrap it around a pen or some sort of stick/tube. Slide it off and bend one end gently, leaving a bowl with a pinched piece at the bottom. Make sure you can still draw air through it but you don't want it wide open either. Fill with herb. Smoke. Enjoy.
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    does the tin burn too?**
  6. No, it takes far higher temps. I wouldn't recommend it for everyday smoking but it won't hurt you to use it once in awhile.
  7. dosnt a can have dyes and shit that burn more easily? idk, its just what i heard. i hate doing it, (its so nasty lol) but do what u gotta do. i havent tried tinfoil, i imagine it prolly tastes better tho.
  8. so ill be smoking a blunt sized tin foil and the bud will burn on the inside but the foil will stay the same?
  9. pop can push the center down and poke a couple holes in it usein a thumbtac it a lil better then using a tinny in my eyes
  10. I would never do it. If a person wants to throw that horrible crap into their lungs they can go ahead and do it. But if it's forgivable once-in-a-while people will start telling themselves that every time they do it. I'd recommend staying away from it at all costs. Even one use is not good for you.

    That being said, regular paper and/or cardboard are also very horrible for you.
  11. Just make a ghetto bong. All you really need is a plastic bottle and some tinfoil.
  12. ill go with the tinfoil...thanx guys.
  13. that shit will def heat up, but if u make it right and dont torch it to death u should be okay.
  14. This is in seasoned tokers..?
  15. Um...firecrackers maybe?
  16. a tin foil chillum would probably be the best bet.
  17. You really shouldn't, but you can!

    A seasoned toker can't even afford a little glass? :D
  18. that isn't a good idea using tin, it melts faster then aluminum.
  19. I died a little when I came into this thread.

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