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Discussion in 'General' started by EvryDay Toka, Apr 5, 2004.

  1. if you ordered something, say bongs or sumtin like that, cant the po po or sumtin like dat catch you with dat illegal stuff?
  2. no.. they say its for tobacco use + if no resin dont matter
  3. As long as there are no traces of illegal substances, and you are old enough to posess it, they can't legally do anything to stop you.....
  4. Yeah, if you JUST have the bong, and it's not used, then you're fine. But, if there's resin, or if you have weed too, you can get busted on paraphinelia charges.
  5. If I understand you right... you mean if they intercept it in the mail before it gets to you...? well, that would be very wrong of the m to do, but no they cant bust you for that because you haven't taken posesion yet. And the previous posts are right too
  6. aright, you guys say that if theres no resin in there but u and i know that there will be so u think they will just forget about it, and have you guys bought anyshit from here?
  7. When you buy it from here it is brand new. There is no resin on/in it. Hence, you'll be fine until you smoke out of it. Once you smoke it, there will be residue that could get you a paraph. charge.
  8. thats a nice small glass bong, im about to order that shit up man, thanks

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