Can't tell if this is a deficiency or not

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  1. About 3 weeks into veg currently.
    Soil is Fox farms, PH is around 6.4-6.7.
    I've only been watering when the top few inches of soil are dry, so around once per day. I have slightly high ph water so I've been acidifying to 6.5.
    Light is a 200 watt spider farmer LED around 20 inches above.
    Haven't been using nutes yet for fear it's nute burn.
    I've checked top and bottoms of leaves for pests and found none, and a spray of neem did nothing.
    The discoloration is spreading quite rapidly to newer leaves.
    I'm new to indoor growing so I have no clue what it could be. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  2. Orange spots are usually a calcium deficiency. Her leaves look very dark too, but maybe thats just the light and the pic.
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  3. The leaves are fairly dark, the edges on the old leaves and new growth are starting to go lime green, I ordered some calmag so hopefully that helps.
  4. One challenge can be getting the Calcium in without adding more nitrogen. Since CalMag usually has a little nitrogen, might want to back off the nitrogen from... can't remember which FF bottle the nitrogen was in, think it was the same as the micros.

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