Can't stop thinking about love

Discussion in 'General' started by dying2live, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. I can't stop thinking of love.

    I find myself daydreaming about it (esp. when i'm high), thinking about it, & listening to love/sad songs.

    Maybe it's just me cuz I think I'm somewhat drepressed, & have anxiety.
    But, is this normal?
  2. it will come someday man
  3. Im a very happy person, im always thinkin of love, how i really want to find that one girl, thing is, it might take me a while, i want to keep searching till i find the perfect one, then just hope she loves me back, then ill be set.
  4. I'd say if you never think about what it would be like to fall in love.. or that person that you will finally end up with... her/his name.. what s/he looks like.. etc., then you'd be crazy.
  5. Man I've been thinking about it a lot lately too. I thought for the longest time that I didn't need it, but I think I was wrong. It's just a different kind of need. It's not life or death...more for completeness....wholeness of my life. I feel like I am what I want to be, and I don't need a person to fill a void in myself necessarily, but to fill a void in life.

    I always thought needing something made you weak, but we all need something. I don't know I'm kind of out of it right now.
  6. i'm a different person with it and might give up growing for it.
  7. LOVE

    Lets just talk about


    can we talk about

  8. For some reason I'm the opposite, I even go so far as to fast forward through love scenes in movies (unless its like a cool sex scene). Emotions tend to bore me.

    I really just don't understand people who are all emotional about relationships.

    If a girl is a good fuck and I don't mind chilling with her then it's all good, but love is a silly concept.
  9. damn, that sucks you were born a robot. hahah i can't imagine not being emotional about relationships.
    yeah, casual sex with someone who you are just ok with chilling with is all good and sexy and fun, but getting to know someone, and realy feelin their vibe is even better sometimes. i mean, having feeeelings for someone you are having sex with makes the sex even better! i dont understand wasting your time on a person if you don't want to get to know them as a person as well.

    since i broke up with my fiance 3 years ago, its been hard for me to be emotional in relationships, but im starting to again and it feels really good to FEEL

    have you not ever had a funny feeling inside when you're around a girl you're fucking? and no im not talking about the stirring in your pants ahhaha

    there's a difference between not minding chilling with a girl, and actually really craving seeing her...
  10. Yea, but I don't get all weird about it like I see most everyone else. I don't get all schmoozy woozy and I don't get all uptight and insane.

    Never cried over a girl either.

    People go fucking crazy in relationships over the stupidest shit. Not once in my life have I had a screaming match with a girlfriend, I've barely even raised my voice, but like I said I don't get all lovey dovey either, I crack jokes and act just like I do around my friends.

    Of course, maybe I just haven't found that girl to make me go apeshit yet.
  11. see, thats what i was thinkin just a second ago. love will make you crazy sometimes. its kind of like a fun rollercoaster ride sometimes, theres a few scary drops for sure.
    you seem really chill also- so you don't like to fight which is sweeeet, right?!

    i bet (and hope) you'll meet a girl someday and fall head over heels and go apeshit hahah-

    when i fell in love i was like what. the. fuck. is. this!??? :eek: :love: :bolt:
  12. When you stop thinking about it, is when it comes.
  13. It's normal man. Especially after a really good relationship, that's where I'm at now, lonely time, just get around more man.
  14. I stopped worrying about finding a dream girl and then she came along. A year and a half later I am as happy as ever. It happens when you least expect it. Old adage I know, but it is damn true.
  15. Like he said, they come when you least expect it. Hows going to a gas station 30 mins away from where I live to get some cigs and finding my current g/f? (Even thought she cheated on me and I'm miserable right now)
  16. Love is great, relationships suck ass.
  17. Main, Itsa love/hate relashionship for me.

    I rarley think of being 'in love' blah blah directly, But i think about needed a real woman in my life again, And thats leads to 'love'.

    But im careful these days, I fuck with females all day. Careful with it but im up on it.

    I have a daughter/baby mama and i loved them both to death, My life. Still love em... Not in love with her no more though..

    But she left me and really wasnt my fault, She crazy as hell.

    She always was talkin about finding a rich old man to get his money.

    She didnt like how i made bread, Cuz i didnt have recipets and what not, Then i got a real job but i didnt make enough. But im like bitch shiet i aient got a education because i had to struggle to survive since my early teens. I couldnt go to school, Survivng was more important then education.

    She lived the good life, Never worked a day in her life TO THIS DAY.

    Parents payin her way through college, Last i talked to her they were buying her a BRAND new car.

    I was thinkin to myself shiet my MA'S aient never even owned a brand new car, And my pops jus bought his first brand new car a couple years ago.

    Before that it was always beaters working on every weekend.

    Thats what sucked, We knew we was right for each other but so different. I could handle her way of life if she could understand how im different.

    I cant help it if im at somewhere and someone grims me ima fuckin grim him. If *****s gots somethin to say ill get up in his face.

    Im not going to take a 3-4 hour test for a entrance to college WHEN I KNOW I CANT EVEN AFFORD A CLASS!

    I dont give a fuck if i pass up a turn a ***** WILL REVERSE DOWN THE DAMN STREET!

    I will do me.
  18. Love is just somethin you let come to you bro,
    trust me it'll come soon
  19. I always considered myself emotionless, didn't understand love really. Never thought a girl could make me feel they way you see in movies.

    I still consider myself emotionless haha, but only on the outside, my current girlfriend has me feeling like no one else ever has. we've been together over a year now and it is amazing.

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