Cant Stop The Tokin ;)

Discussion in 'General' started by Rippedmofuck, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. [ame][/ame]

    :hello: Can't stop the smoking :) ... :hello:

    Literally burned 4 large bong bowls to my face.

    Here i go agaainn :p
  2. I'm burning 2 fat bowls of some dank from my gravity bong :D :smoke:
  3. hell i got sooo high from watching my girl and doing a perfect couple lsts :)
    Literalllyy felt like slow motioon and i thought it had took 45 was 15 :D

  4. Niiiccce do you have any perks in there
  5. I bought half oz last week and i only have like 4 grams left... My plan was to flip that shit and take a t break but that didnt happen haha

  6. Wordd. I feel you bro haha 2-3 weeks is all i got left to be tokin, smokin :cool:

    Still got my girls growing up if u feel me. ;) but school n shit i cant be doin that shiiitt...Especially in Fitness and Personal Training Course im takin :)

    Hell im not like a wimp kid or a fatass, im into weight training less cardio restrictive fitness strategy atm. and i figure, f*ck it, once a month i'll light one up. :smoke:

    no dealers and their crap, i had friend - dealers but still, they doin it 4 the money fo sho. :mad: Cant trust people when its your ass getting thrown under the bus..

    So im gonna half me n my bud smokin once a month...guess that counts 1mo tbreaks. haha thatll be a consistently good high.:smoking:

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