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Can't stop coughing, but I'm not a n00b

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tokabowl, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Ok, so Im definitly not a novice smoker...been smoking for many years, multiple times a day for the past year or so...

    Anyway, I started to notice I start coughing like MAD towards the end of the blunt/bowl. No matter what I do, I can't stop coughing, and my throat starts to hurt bad.

    Is this something I should have checked out? Or what could it be?
  2. By the end of a blunt, the smoke is hotter. And with any nonwater pipe, you're gonna get more ash towards the end of the bowl, and possibly more heated air if you keep the lighter over it
  3. Smoke can tend to do that.
  4. but it didn't used to happen is the thing...My whole point is that recently something changed. Throat cancer? chronic bronchitis?
  5. what i do towards the end of the blunt/joint is i "sip" on it like take little hits and let it sit in your mouth for a sec. instead of just taking a long drag. hope this helps :smoke:
  6. Smoking alot of blunts makes me cough. Or you have pussy lungs..
  7. chill smoking for a minute. let you lungs recup might have an infection or irritated
  8. It could just be the strain, certain strains do this to people. Raspberry makes me cough like a motherfucker!
  9. Go to your doctor, be completely upfront with him.
  10. i think im experiencing the same thing, im in the same position as OP, ive smoked for over 3 years, smoke multiple times daily, and lately i've noticed that sometimes after smoking my throat starts to feel SUPER raw - which is the only way i can describe it, and coughing only makes it more raw.

    I just grab a drink, and suck it up really. itll go away eventually, but i noticed it only really happens when i smoke my Grav bong, never blunts or bowls...

    maybe its cause i hit GB's all day....

    every day...
  11. Your lungs could be weakened from smoking. Alot of hot smoke will deteriorate your lungs over time. So towards the end of a bowl/blunt. Your inhaling alot more hotter smoke, so its irritating your lungs much more. Try to take a t break or something for a couple weeks.

    During this time, you might end up hacking up some nasty brown phlegm. Thats just your lungs cleaning themselves out.

    Which incidently brought up another theory.

    Your lungs could have alot of crap in them(resin/phlegm/tar/etc.) and that could be causing your lungs to struggle for air, causing you to cough.

    Idk if any of this is clear, im tired. Lol.
  12. Its one thing to know how to smoke... but its another thing to be able to gauge how you hit it. Be easier on the rips,

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