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Cant smoke

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by yourkiss6669, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. Hello all,
    Very frequent hash oil dabber here who has to stop smoking cold turkey for a few days. The upset stomach is unbearable!!! I've felt like I was puke since I stopped yesterday. Anyone have any remedies for this? (legal in the usa please)

  2. have a cup of tea!
  3. I think I need something a bit more powerful then a cup of tea...
    Why are you puking? You got food poisoning? Try some peppermint.
  5. flu???...
    if you are implying you are a marijuana junkie, placing one hand on each butt check and pushing real hard might work...push REAL hard..your head should pop out soon enough... :smoking:
  6. lol, I have some health issues (food allergies and IBS), and dabs are the best medicine for it of course. I just haven't found anything that comes even close to helping
    And cball, I'm sure this is TMI, but i've shit 6 times today already. Not helping.
  7. Blasphamy! in all serious, flat lemonade always helps settle my guts down, get a can of 7up or something leave it for a bit and get that down you! worst case scenario it gives you something to chuck up rather then bring up bile all the time
    Perhaps I was wrong to discredit that idea so quickly...
    Green tea and gingerale mixed together helps more then anything I've tried! Canada Dry actually makes sparkling green tea gingerale.
  9. I was in the same boat 2 months ago.dabbed 2.5-3.5 gs of bho a day. Then I had to quit cold turkey cuz of probation. First 3 days sucked just hang in there. I puked once I don't think its from not smoking but not eating which resulted and feeling super sick. Just sleep and stay in bed the first 3 days and ull be alriight
  10. Ouch. I don't even want to think about going from 3gs a day to nothing. And this is probably the 4th or 5th time I've had to stop for probation, so I know it will pass. I just can't stay in bed for 3 days (I wish!!). Can't call out of work for dab withdrawl ;-)
  11. pepto bismol? milk? tums?

    did you try ANYTHING before posting?
    Pepto and tums do nothing for me, and I'm lactose intolerant. And gingerale and green tea seperate didn't do much. I'm finding the combination works very well though.
  13. Here are some helpful remedies to prevent vomiting
    - Drink "clear" liquids such as apple juice, powerade, or bouillon. Clear liquids are helpful to prevent vomiting. 
    - Absorb Ginger Tea or suck on Ginger candy if you can find some. 
    - Try digesting something minimal like crackers. Foods high in starch, such as crackers or toast, can help absorb stomach acids. 
    - Avoid fats, but instead consume simple carbs.
    - Avoid spicy, acidic, fatty, or fibrous foods. 
    - Don't drink while lying down
    - Relax 
    - Don't eat too quick
  14. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone! I'm starting to feel a lot better :)
  15. Had serious anxiety issues as a teen that led to vomiting and ibs. Bentyl is a wonder for it. Not a controlled substance but a Dr has to prescribe it. Shit is straight magic.
    I dont know if you have it where you are but in the UK there's Gaviscon. It really helps settle the stomach.
    In the mean time you'll find it easier to eat oranges and the berries (straw/blue/black)
  17. Well I'm starting to see a pattern here.. Sickness, puking, diarrhea... You niggas got probation sickness. Knock off the dumb shit and you won't get it. Lol. Yeah OP, drink plenty of fluids man. You can dehydrate quick, and then you'll get a migraine to go with all the other!
  18. Op, I feel you. Daily token for pain but I've reduced it DRASTICALLY and decided to just take the pain as I've been having breathing and stomach issues too. Shaddy has it right… follow those rules should help. Have you tried YOGURT? Those little kid's drinkable yogurts are usually small, and have a lot of good biotic/other good stuff for your stuff and digestion. I still recommend you see a doctor if it persists for greater than a week.
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    I smoked for years & now dabbin daily anytime I take a break (never) but if situation arises nothing better than good workout
    and take a vitamin man b12
  20. Haha, I do have probation sickness actually. But its almost over, they just surprised me with a last min drug screen. And 5cooooob, lactose intolerant, but I'm trying everything else on the list and its getting better and better.

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