Can't smoke for 2 years, starting tomorrow =(

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  1. Well back in february got in a bit if trouble with the police and i got a felony drug possesion, and a few other possesion/parafanalia tickets. (i know i spelled both of those words wrong) but i got a lawyer and he worked out a deal that if i do a probation program for 2 years all the charges will never go on my record. so i will be getting random UA's and have to do sts and all that good stuff. but at least it wont be on my record.
    so i have been getting SUPER blazed the last few days and im gunna finish off my buds tomorrow as my last day of smoking for a very long time! i usually smoke about a half ounce every 2-3 weeks. wish be luck blades!
  2. Damn bro good luck with that. I guess its time to get your drinking on.
  3. theres always 'alternatives' to weed, not as good (imo) but can quench your thrist in a pinch. also, they wont appear on UA because they are non-alkaloid. not talking about the other illegals btw, lol.
  4. yea or just smoke once a while and take vitamins and drink lots of water.
  5. dont get addicted to cigarettes!
  6. Im with ya bro, im not on probation but im not blazin sadly. You'll make it, don't worry. Just sucks I truly need it for medicinal purposes, i'll be in a MMJ state in 2 years, so I guess you can say im on 2 year probation haha.
  7. You can still blaze up with legal synthetics (JHW-018 and other similar variants). When my cousin had to stop smoking, he bought Darwin's Headstash. Of course, you can go on youtube and find out how to make your own for much less.

    Although these synthetics act on the same receptors in the brain that THC does, the metabolites (what the body eventually breaks them down into) are questionable. JHW-018 is nontoxic, but the metabolites may or may not be. At the moment, there is not enough scientific data to make it conclusive.
  8. idk man too much jwh is def not good for u

    its cool if u do it every once in a while but dont do it everyday
  9. is this masshole a doctor?


  10. Do you have data to back that up?
  11. to be honest i dont lol, i just know some kids that were using it everyday while gettin drug tested and they said it fucked them up after a while.

    so ya i guess my argument is invalid but jus offerin my 2 cents
  12. One bowl will get you ripped when you come back man.:)

  13. My cousin was vaping it everyday and he was fine after months of using it. Again, though, it is irrelevant. Scientific research is needed and not personal anecdotes.

  14. yeah before they became illegal in georgia people would buy this more than weed because they got higher off it
  15. Yeh man, like a few of the people above have mentioned, there ARE plenty of legal alternatives.
    Ive tried a couple of the legal alternatives/synthetic weed, and honestly, some of em are pretty good.
    I'd compare the high to a very very good bush weed.
  16. Good luck, bro. I reccomend you try out Pep Spice, if you haven't heard of it. It's crazy fucking strong, legal, and you can get it at most gas stations.
  17. yeah ill def have to try some of that stuff out.
  18. Damn bro, that seriously sucks :(

    Good luck, i'll smoke a bowl just for you :smoking:

    And maybe try legal highs, like Spice or k2? I've tried K2 before and mannnn it certainly does fuck you up.
  19. Perhaps it is time for you to explore the wonderful world of hallucinogenic psychedelics, the natural ones that won't show up on drug tests of course.
  20. What I would do is get a gram of jwh-018 for only $25-40 and literally STAY fucked up all day for a month. It's legal. It has no smell. And it gets you more fucked.
    And if you didn't wanna take just one 3mg to be really high, you could make a batch of herbal incense and have up to 100gs of product.

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