Can't smell when I'm high

Discussion in 'General' started by ADIV, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. I don't know why, but I can't smell anything when I'm stoned. Does anyone else experience this or is it all in my head? :eek:
  2. Take your finger out your nose, silly.
  3. Same here bro. Especially if its weed im trying to sniff out.
  4. Have you ever thought might not be awake? Maybe you are actually in a coma..or DEAD?!
  5. I hate when you smoke and you can't tell if it smells or not so you get all scared.
  6. I can never smell when i'm high! it's sucks when youre trying to figure out if you smell or not. also, sometimes i eat massive amounts of food not because i have the munchies but because i cant taste it as well (b/c isnt smell like 90% of taste or something?)
  7. I can smell anything but weed when I'm high.
  8. I can barely smell when I'm sober due to some... questionable off topic things I've done in my past...

    But when I smoke my sense of smell seems to get much better?...

    Either way, you know how you get cotton mouth when you smoke? (not everyone, but still) It happens to your nasal passages as well, try using a nasal spray to rehydrate your sinuses and then see how you can smell :)
  9. Probably just in your head? LOL. Because I know when I'm pretty stoned, everything smells a lot better. Or worse, depending on what it is.
  10. yup i noticed this too, i wonder why though:confused:
  11. im pretty sure it has to do with swelling in the nostril region or something?... but yeah ive experienced the same thing

  12. It's called desensitization. Same reason you never notice how your house smells when you're in it. But then you go out for awhile, and when you walk back in you notice it smells like the salmon you had last night or the potpourri your mom puts out. When we're exposed to a certain stimulus (sight, sound, smell, whatever) for an extended period of time, our brains become accustomed that sensation and we don't notice it hardly at all. This is to allow your brain to focus on processing new stimuli, so that in case something dangerous is coming your way you're not still totally absorbed in how dank that peach cobbler smells.
  13. I dunno, it has to be in you're head because I can smell just fine when i'm stoned.
  14. very interesting

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