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Can't sleep

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jmantheman, May 30, 2009.

  1. Ok so i have this problem everytime i smoke, about 2-3x a week. I get very tired and quickly fall asleep and i know thats normal but the problem is staying asleep. I wake up every couple of hours and find it hard to get back to sleep resulting in horrible rest and i wake up groggy the next day. Is there anything I can do about this? Thanks for any help :)
  2. thats kinda weird. i guess try staying up till the high is done if you dont already. im always out like a light so idk:confused:
  3. When I toke at night, I feel sooo goooddd in bed. I fool around in my bed for hours before going to sleep. I would staryt shaking my legs while my eyes are going around and around and shaking my arms to some pink floyd music :D
  4. This happens to me too,
    I have the best sleep in the world but it only lasts like halfway through the night.
    I've smoked at like 2 in the morning to help me fall back asleep, and that works, but I feel like I'm wasting the weed because I don't get to enjoy the high.
  5. Yeah, i dont have this problem. i actually have trouble falling asleep because my brain is so active. but once i do im out like a rock.
  6. You could always stop smoking before bed. I have the opposite of your problem lol

  7. Exactly, it sucks because i love smoking but i love a good nights sleep as well. And yeah i have no problem GOING to sleep, its staying asleep thats the problem lol im glad im not the only one with this problem. Anyway of solving it without smoking at 2AM? lol
  8. If you are a night smoker then I would suggest smoking earlier. However, if you still have this problem then I would suggest counting sheep or drinking beer (beer makes me sleepy, dunno about yall).
  9. Pot puts me to sleep if i smoke at night (which i usually do). I'll stay up for a couple hours munchin out and watching a movie or something, but after that i'm out. I smoked a fat bowl last night and then slept 12 hours. :smoke:

  10. either just set aside a tiny little nug for 1 or two hits for when you wake up again...

    or leave a hit left in the bowl-dont cash it completely, leave it 2/3 smoked

  11. smoke more, alot more. you will definetly fall asleep again
  12. I usually smoke with some friends, watch a movie, eat a pizza, then I'm out like a rock. I sleep until noon the next day. My brain is just so tired from being so active.
  13. one night i actually used the rest of my weed to actually fall asleep, i couldn't and i had work in the morning. nothing worked so i smoked some weed and fell asleep in like 5 minutes
  14. wacking off might help
  15. true, i get mad tired from that hahahaha

    but combine that with will fall asleep the minute you stop
  16. i have that same problem i hate it. i sleep for like 2 or three hours but after that i keep waking up. and i wake up really early and cant get back to sleep so i end up tired for the rest of the day like right now
  17. 4 Melatonin + 2 Shots Aboslut Vodka = Sleep. This is coming from an insomniac also :)

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