Cant sleep without melatonin

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  1. I'm on a weed break and started taking things like nyquil and melatonin to sleep (bad idea, I know). First the problem was I couldn't sleep without bud. Now I can't sleep without those things. I need sleep badly (I'm a student). How can I get off the melatonin without going back to bud?

  2. Do all those things before going to bed:
    -Drink warm milk
  3. You could try various teas, or maybe some sort of relaxation technique like meditation.  Or you could do vigorous excercise a few hours before youre planning to sleep.. sex...masturbating....thats all i got
    get a fucking grip kid...stop using crutches and excuses, just lay down and stop relying on other things to make you THINK you need them to sleep...
    proof is in the melatonin ABUSE...your defective mind-set would accept a placebo and fall asleep.
  5. Melatonin isn't bad. I take it every night Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  6. I feel ya bro.

    I've done the dance with otc sleep aids for years and whatnot.
  7. [quote name="TheTrueHigh" post="19424266" timestamp="1390947706"]Do all those things before going to bed:-Workout-Fap-Drink warm milk-Fappeace[/quote] great ideas except the milk it has protein and will keep you up warm or cold
  8. @[member="zmasterflash"] I said milk because, it contains tryptophan, which is an amino acid which helps induce sleep.
  9. a comedian i heard said it best. sleeping isnt hard ok? if you cant sleep, youre not tired. get up, do some shit and come back. 
  10. Exercise is what you're looking for, OP. Not a half-assed walk around the block but something where you're using all of your muscle, like swimming or hockey. By the end of it you will be so exhausted you won't want to take a sleep aid.

    Good luck :)
  11. Keep in mind that the known effect of melatonin occurs when it's released by the pineal gland directly into the bloodstream. There's no verified clinical proof of its effect when taken as an oral supplement.
  12. Get out and do some back breaking work. And i mean back breaking. Aim for that when you get home all you will want to do is collapse onto the floor and sleep, this will work 100%
  13. Yeah I go for runs but I'll def try getting a lot more exercise. Thanks for the tips.
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    Im more addicted to fapping before bed than smoking lol
    If my right hand were to be removed id never sleep again
    And dont say just use your left. Its not the same. Its like fucking an 18yr old compared to a 30yr old ya know?
    One gets the job done. One gets the job done right.

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