Cant See Myself Online

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  1. it showed my icon green next to my name when i was on for a while then it just stopped and its always red even when im on. also it says my last profile active is private and when i click on Your Profile at the bottom it says i dont have permission to do that. but i can access my profile other ways...

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    If the online icon next to your name is red, it means you're logged in anonymously. There's a check box you click for that when you log-in. Just like being invisible on the old forums. 
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    Thank you! You solved my problem simply. I appreciate all the help you've given me. Definitely giving you five stars :)
    I didnt even realize that was checked on me. I never log in, I've always been kept logged in but i did log in when I got on here via my phone so it probably happened then.

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