Cant put my finger on it.

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  1. THis plant has droopy leaves and the outside edges of them curls in towards the center of the leaf. The very bottom leaves are now completely yellow and the set above them have little brown spots.
    Ok the plant is about 1 month old, planted in a mix of sphagnum peat moss, perelite, miracle grow organic choice, sand, and pea gravel.
    My water ph is good(going in, not sure about run off). In the grow room it stays round 80f and 50% humidity. I water with tap water left out for 2 days, about once a week in these pots. I trasnplanted about 10 days ago.
    Once I did water with Fox Farms:Grow Big one time before I realized that even the mg organic had time release ferts. I hate those mg bastards but its all I find around me.
    I think the plant just has too many ferts, but everything I read makes me overthink it I guess and I cant put my finger on it. Thanx for the help.

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  2. When is the last time you watered? Do you water till you have runoff?
  3. Hey bro - you nailed it on the head... it's over fert'n. The curl, dark color, droop - all typical signs. Just give her time and next water skip the ferts.
  4. Ok, well I've watered 2 or 3 more times since this first post with the same tap water metioned above.
    I had pulled all of the dead yellow leaves off that were ready and I thought everything was going good, but the yellow keeps moving up to the next set of leaves.
    I wanted to do some topping of my taller plants (even though I'm still not sure how yet) since I'm not working with alot of light but I'm not sure if I need to do it when they are sick.
    Is my problem still from the over fertn' or what? If so, is there anything I can do?:(:confused:

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  5. Time-release ferts can be a bitch. Likely, that is a nitrogen deficiency because the time-release ferts haven't started releasing, but you should pH your runoff first because MG can be kind of funky about that.

    However, I'm not sure what you should do because if you add nutes you will likely overfeed due to the TRF. Make sure its not your pH!

    Go ahead and top them, it shouldn't do any harm and may even slow the damage for a bit.
  6. Ok cool, but the ferts in this Miracle Grow Organic Choice are ''organic". No little fert balls to dissolve, just compost and shit. I didnt have but around 30% MG in my soil mix. Should either of those two things matter?
    My runoff ph last time I watered was around 6.0-6.4, I think. My ph tester is inadequate and only test from 6.0 to 7.6 so that may not be right.
  7. I had heard that even MG Organic has TRF. If this is wrong, I'm not sure! Best of luck, I'm sure someone will be able to help you.
  8. Well I sprayed a diluted mix or fox farms grow big onto the leaves. Maybe I can do that and continue to water with plain water.Who knows?? Not me, oh well, fingers are crossed.
  9. you could try putting it into new soil. go to a real gardening/growing shop and get some good soil. black gold organic is what my closest store carries or just ask their advice.
  10. You definately have a potassium issue, what that issue is needs to be hunted down.

    Any idea of the sodium content in your water or what the disolved solids test reads at?
    Most city water is full of calcium and sodium. Potassium is poorly absorbed when you have high calcium levels in the tap water, and having to much sodium causes potassium to be displaced. Humidity plays a big role in the uptake of K as well, too low it becomes a problem. PH needs to be within 6-9.5 for best absorption of potassium (keep it near 7).Try using 50/50 RO/TAP water, or straight RO water. You can also use a brita filter on the tap, and just bubble the water to get rid of the chlorine in a few hours. Plants do need chlorine though albeit small amounts, they still need it, and the only time the water sitting matters is for bringing to room temp, and for getting rid of chlorine for organic grows and teas.

    Or you could be legitimatkly be deficient in potassium. Find a product like Earth Juice Meta-k and do light foliar feeding as recommended on the bottle. Any potassium product will work for this. THis will allow the plant to stop the yellowing and necrosis, and grow at the rate that it wants to. Faster growing plant do like a little added K in their veg diet, and need it for fat flowering.

    When you let your water sit for 2 days, are you oxygenating it? Just an added thought for you to consider.
  11. Hell yeah, thanks for your input man. Ok, lets see, First I'm not sure about my ppm cause I dont have a tester. My humidity stays between 50-60%, usually closer to the 50% side. My tap water ph sitting in my resevior now (and no I dont bubble it, just sits there) reads 7.2ph. As for potassium products, I already have 'Fox Farms: Big Bloom' thats N-P-K is 0.01-0.3-0.7, could I use that? Thanks again man.
  12. No problem, You can use that in a weak foliar spray.
    I'd bublle that water. It actually loses oxygen just sitting there. Do the roots a nice favor and bubble it, raising the oxygen levels.
  13. Think I could use some kinda pump for a fish tank to do that, or what?
  14. air pump for a fish tank is exactly what you could use for that
  15. I'm gona go get me a pump NOW, and I'll keep spraying the leaves with the Fox Farms. Thank you everyone for helpin me heal my sick plants. I greatly appreaciate it.:smoking:
  16. I would stop foliar feeding your plants (spraying the leaves) until you lock down your nutrient problem. Otherwise you might think that is has been fixed (because the foliar feeding was counter-acting it) when really you have an underlying issue that needs to be corrected.
  17. Ok, will do. Can I find a RO filter at wal-mart?
  18. Is there a widely available R.O. Filter that you could reccomend?
  19. Okay, now I have a air pump to bubble my water and a brita filter (actually dupont brand). Hopefully now my dissolved solids will be low enough to keep anything from being locked out. I'm sure the oxygen wont hurt anything either.
  20. I thought everything was going good there for a little while. I used a water filter, sprayed em with BigBloom mix evert now and then, got an air pump for my water and the damage seemed to slow. I have also fed once with quarter strength BigBloom. I have been flowering now for 2 weeks and I've been seeing the yellow come back slowly, from the bottom up. WTF?
    An oldtimer told me to add a little baking soda to my water to 'chill out' my soil(2 much N) and stop yellowing. I did do that one time a few weeks back, and maybe I just need to do it again(if it wont kill my new worms). Is that a possibility, does baking soda really have this effect?
    What do I do?

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