Cant get the taste of Iso out.

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  1. I recently cleaned a couple of my pieces with some iso. Its only 70% but for whatever reason i cant get that terrible fucking taste out of my pieces. Clearly I left the iso sitting in there too long, and now i cant get it out. I rinsed the absolute shit out of them, literally ten minutes each (at least) of just rinsing it out. Ive heard of using vinegar to get rid of the cloudiness left by iso, but im not sure how that would end up making it taste..anyways, has anyone had this issue before, and/or have a solution to this? Thanks

  2. Is there still resin inside your piece? Chances are that's what making it taste bad because of it sitting In ISO so long, once your done cleaning it fully and no resin is left just hit it with a little dawn and wash out thoroughly. Cheers
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  3. are you using hot steamy water to rinse it out?

    because isopropynol shouldnt leave any smells behind at all. get the water as hot as you can, and rinse it out 10 times.

    ive let iso sit in my pieces overnight, and im always able to rinse the smell away. iso evaporates so technically it shouldnt leave anything behind. including smell

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  4. Thanks, in advance, for any info.

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  5. Pbw will always work but like someone said above iso evaporates and I've never had a problem getting it out.
  6. your piece is still dirty. let the alcohol sit over night or even a couple of days. if the piece is small enough submerge it in a zip lock baggy full of ISO. you might try the 91% iso as well. adding a little salt can help by scraping the gunk out of the piece because it is abrasive. i recommend doing that after the piece soaks over night.

    after the piece has set over night in alcohol, you have added salt the next day and shook it vigorously for 10 mins or more and then emptied it into a container for use later, rinse it all out in hot ass water. as hot as your hands can take. now smell it for alcohol. there shouldn't be any at all. let it dry completely and then smell it again, it still should be free of alcohol. now rip some ganja through it. it should be fucking delicious.

    if this doesn't work then go for the big guns, CLR. that shit is magical. someone also told me efferdent or any type of foaming , bubbling denture cleaner will work. i never tried it but would be willing to give it a go. good luck broski! [​IMG]
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