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  1. I posted a thread a few weeks ago about breaking up with my girlfriend, and then regretting it a couple days after and trying to get back together with her, which she said no to.

    It's now almost a month later and I still can't get over her, I have no idea why. We were together about 7 months, which isn't my longest relationship and I was fine a month after in other relationships that were longer or the same length.

    I'm just constantly depressed lately and I've been having trouble sleeping because laying there gets me thinking about her, which gets me upset and makes me think about her even more and play out scenarios that I know won't happen.

    Any ideas on what I can do to try and move on? I really have no idea what to do.

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  2. Nothing speeds up the process, unfortunately. It's a long roller coaster and the only thing that helps is new friends or a new lover or time.

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  3. You feel this way because you dont have a girlfriend right now, m i right? Give it time man, you will meet new girls who will be better, just like how you met her. And eachday you will forget about your ex easily. goodluck man
  4. Yeah, no girlfriend now. Going from talking to someone everyday that's pretty much your best friend to not talking to them at all sucks pretty bad, guess I'm just lonely. When I'm with friends I'm perfectly happy, but sadly I can't be with them as much as I'd like so I'm alone with my thoughts a lot. But yeah, time and eventually another girl at some point will hopefully help, thanks guys!

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  5. Ain't no easy thing bro. Go find another girl. And don't spend the whole time telling her about how much this one meant and all that bullshit. You broke up with her, and I'm going to bet it was fort a goodish reason. No go get laid and start moving on. Getting high and playing ps3 ain't moving on!
  6. This pretty much. I'm going on four months from a 3 year relationship, with a 2 1/2 year old son. I really just got over the depression a week ago because I refused to give in and be down. Hanging with "just friends" did not help me dude. Every five minutes, thinking about her.

    If your genuinely a good guy, and I am, find someone man. If it feels like a void because you really want to make.some.woman happy (that makes you happy), find another good one. They are out there.

    The small and simple things man. Find those, you'll be straight.
  7. True, true. It's just a pain sometimes. I'm a shy person around people I don't know, especially girls, so meeting new ones and getting comfortable around them takes awhile and can screw things up in the beginning, which will make stuff not last. And any girls I'm already comfortable being around are in relationships so it's just blah. I'll eventually find someone though, maybe a friend can hook me up, which is what happened with my ex. Made it a lot easier

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  8. Don't even worry about the friends man! Time to go Hans (Solo) and get out of your comfort zone. Go to a strange bar and be an extroverted introvert. Works every time!
  9. Not old enough yet for the bar scene sadly, few more years, so that eliminates some options

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  10. I just got out a 8 year relationship almost 2 months ago.. im over it, but sometimes my mind wanders off and I start runnin scenarios in my head about her.. its normal and you'll get over her.

    Dang ol' plenty of fish in the sea
  11. Currently sexting with a girl while I'm on some unmentionables. Happiest I've been for awhile lmao. Not thinking about my ex at all, except for this sentence obviously

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  12. Damn Jesus, what the fuck happened to you? You should just fuck her already OP.

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  13. She has a boyfriend, but we're going to at some point soon. Lol

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