Cant get my temp down!

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  1. 4x5ft grow room.
    400wt hps, sealed airflow reflector.
    bank of 4 t5 grow lights.
    4" duct/inline fan 170c
    3 inch pvc air inlet on bottom of room.

    Scrubber-hood-fan-out of bldg...

    STILL around 90 in there..:confused:
  2. Good knews, the scrubber works like a charm...Got some boysenberry kush that stinks to high heaven but at the outlet, you cant smell a thing..
  3. what are your ambient temps?
  4. The big room that the lil grow room sits is around 75-80 deg...Ive got a reducer on both sides of my 6" hood going down to 4" but less than ten total feet of duct, and no serious turns...
    I will see what it does this evening when the ambient temps cool down a bit...
  5. yea man... bigger fans or lower ambient temps.

    For all intents and purposes you will always run around the same amount higher than ambient, but as ambient falls so does the grow space. every degree you cool the room the grow space will follow. Adding more fans will close the gap between ambient and grow space...


    so like if your ambient is 80 and you are running around 90, and say want to get to 84, you can either lower ambient temps 6 degrees or add a bunch more airflow or both. If you A/C the room down to 74 you will find the temps in your grow respond to 84. Likewise, if you put 500CFM through that duct you will see the gap close some because the air will exchange heat faster... So if you go this route you could probably bring the temps down to 85 or so with a 400 or 500 CFM, but you will struggle to do much better than that in a space that size with ambient over 80...

    Id just cool the room... IE get A/C so the air running through your ducting is cooler.
  6. Thanks Zippy...I think I am going to roll with it for a while, since the temp on the plants is around 85...I really feel that once this heat wave passes, I will go back to normal temps in my ambient room..I guess its not too is blowing like crazy in there and the inline is running full bore..
    thanks man..
  7. And where I live, it never really gets that hot, soon I will be dealing with a ton of snow!

  8. If you do it right, your hps will save you on heat.
  9. Yea thats the truth...I have the system running out a dryer vent now, but in the winter, it runs to a little heating diffuser on the outside of my grow room...Heats my basement up nice..
    I was interested in going to another hps, I have a back up 250wt that I wanted to add, and throw a few more plants in, but I might just get another bank of the t5s for side fills and keep running the 400...
    Thanks again man..

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