Can't get kief collector open on grinder. HELP

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  1. So I have a Diamond Grind Grinder. It's your standard grinder...3-4" in height etc. Has a screen and a kief collector. Now, I usually leave all my smoking supplies in my car, except my smoke (piece, grinder etc). I noticed that it was already getting hard to open, close my kief collector when I'd snag some to sprinkle on a bowl.

    I closed it up tightly a few nights back, and now it won't open at all. My hands are pure red from trying to get that shit open. I put some warm water on a guitar pick and tried to slide that thru the cracks, nothing. I grabbed a paper clip and tried to slide that thru, nothing.

    Any ideas? This is super frustrating.

    Thanks guys.
  2. Get a pic up off the grinder man do u mean the bottom part of ur grinder that is screwed on? Cos I dono why you would use a paper clip or anythin if it is threaded then use 2 small sets of stillsons and you should have no probs whatsoever if its the other one tht I'm thinkin off like where u need to pop the little plastic part of there a comp,tee pan in the ass n I'm no use with them either :( lol

  3. Just the standard average sized grinder. And yes. The bottom part that unscrews, literally, won't unscrew. Feels like it's glued on. I'm sure it's the sticky kief and leftover herb that's making it stick together like this, but I just don't know where to go from here.

    The worst part is, I know there's a lot of kief in there. I've grinded up a good amount since the last time I digged in.

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  4. Use a rubber mat my boy. Stick the rubber on the stuck side and twist like a jar
  5. maybe you're just not strong enough to open it?
    is anyone that's stronger than you around to try?
  6. Dopesick gave a good suggestion man and if that isn't tough enough ask around or if u have ur own tools get the stillsons on it and they will do it no probs at all man even if u have water pump pliers lyin around or somethin it should be easy peasy mate :)

  7. Tried that. You're talking the rubber things that help open like 2 liter Coca Cola bottles, etc? If so, yeah, no luck.
  8. yeah use some plyers, that's a great idea, will work for sure.

  9. Haha, I pondered the same thing myself. How a grinder can cause self reflection like that...beyond me.

    But really, this is easily manageable from my standpoint, it's just, like I said, feels like it's glued tightly shut.
  10. Grab that bitch with two sets of channel locks or strap wrench or pipe wrench and crank on it.
  11. this happens to my metal grinder all the time. very annoying. but it seems the kief clogs it up... BUT, it tens to jam at an angle, if ya know what i mean... Look to see if its going around the grinder in a perfect circle is its all jimmyed up at one side (technical term)...and i usually put a penny in there and straighted the gridner out untill it can be screwed off...a paperclip or some tweezers might work, or a set of keys.

    hope that made some sort of sense.
  12. Freeze, hit it against something solid that you won't hurt (or don't care about), then twist it open before it warms.

    Holding it inside a towel as you twist will prevent you from conducting too much heat.

    The cold should cause both the metal and the glandular material to contract (shrink subtly), and being more brittle the stuck kief should separate and twist apart more easily. :)

    With that said, you can always use high proof ethyl alcohol or isopropyl, and use it as a small hash oil extractor until it finally opens. :p
  13. Its probably kief getting into the grooves and making it stick together (thats what mine does sometimes) but just run the grinder under hot water before twisting and if that doesnt work try to get a vice. Once you get it open if it is kief youll see it in the inside of the threading and youll just need to scrape it out.
  14. That kief gets all up in the threads and makes that tacky green shit ( think it's crude hash?) from the friction. Either heat it up or freeze it like people above said. Or find a bench mounted vice and clamp that bitch down
  15. Once you open it too ISO clean that thing, otherwise it'll happen again.

    Either freeze it, or heat it, I know my mason jar never wants to open if I leave it in the cold garage overnight, I end up using pliers or bringing it inside for an hour to warm up

    Chances are theres alotta kief on teh threads, or you cross threaded it

    Plier/channel locks shuold work, so should a little heat
  16. Man you guys are a great help. Thanks so much for all the suggestions.

    Going to try some of these right now. I got 2 plyers...a freezer...and a hair dryer.
  17. Try freezing it.

    Also, are you sure the threads haven't crossed?

  18. Not positive on that no. If that's the case, would I take a different course of action?
  19. If you crossed the threads your in trouble.

  20. I'm nearly positive the threads are NOT crossed. But I don't want to rule anything out obviously since this is the first time this has happened to me with a grinder.

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