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Can't get high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Justin 351, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. A few days ago I bought some mj for the first time, only having smoked it once before. The first time when I smoked from a pipe I got pretty baked but the second time when I smoked a joint I didn't get any giggles or anything, just tiredness and boredom. This may seem like a really noob question but I'm wondering if the second time i inhaled wrong. Like what i did is i sucked a bit of smoked in my mouth and then opened it and tried to suck it all into my lungs. I was coughing a lot but when I exhaled barely any smoke came out. When you inhale do you just inhale tell like your lungs are almost full then suck in a bit of air or do you just suck a bit of smoke then inhale a lot of air, cause i think i did that. And can you just suck it in your mouth then inhale through your nose, would that still get it in your lungs? Sorry if this is a really pathetic question but i wanna get the most out of my weed.
  2. a lot of don't enjoy they're first highs but when you start smoking more the highs are more practicably fun.
    Inhale through your mouth till your lungs are almost full and then inhale a little air through your mouth, just enough to push the smoke that was already in your mouth down into your lungs.
  3. Bear in mind, a joint has a different effect from a pipe/bong.
    If you were coughing and spluttering the whole time then didn't breathe out any smoke, I dunno, maybe you coughed it away before you got a good hit?

    With a joint, I usually do one of two things to take bigger and better hits...not really sure if there's names for these methods, but here you go:

    #1: I make a chamber by "holding my own hands", leaving a gap in the middle, and placing the joint in between two fingers so it's facing upwards, then make it so I open just the part of my hands where my thumbs come together, and inhale through that - it's a pretty good seal and yeah, just works.

    #2: My personal favourite, allows you to take MASSIVE hits.
    I hold the joint loosely just "on" my lips and inhale, so you get a bit of normal air mixing in with it - now, for me it's not as harsh this way, and essentially you can inhale to maximum capacity as it's just like taking a breath with no resistance. As I said if you use this method, you can inhale like copious amounts per hit, you won't believe how much smoke you billow out when you exhale. Though, I was thinking in your case, OP it would be a good method to use, just breathing in slowly. The air mixing with it not being as superheated as what comes right out of the joint should make it easier to inhale without coughing it all up..
  4. if you inhale the smoke into your mouth/throat, and then inhale through your nose, you are only getting part of the hit. If you breath in through your mouth, you get all the smoke in your mouth, which is generally the majority of the hit, unless your bongin or something.
  5. Inhaling through your nose afterwards just adds cool air to your lungs. In fact, cooler and more compressed breaths of air are had by inhaling through the nose rather than the mouth.
  6. Your supposed to inhale just like breathing. What i do is take a big breath of air, and exhale slowly, then i inhale mostly smoke and then if im smoking with a bong/pipe use the carb, but if im using a joint then suck in air after taking the hit. Then i hold it in for about 10 seconds. and exhale slowly. then repeat :D :smoke:
  7. no need to repost the same thing in a new thread...
  8. You posted 2 threads containing the same text.
  9. Ha, you more or less posted the same thing the guy above you did, is this not the same?

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