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Can't get "high", something wrong with me?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NHL, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Ok, I have probably blazed over 100 times, and usually just get a nice buzz and burn out 20-30 minutes later getting really tired. The reason I have tried it so many times without getting high is because i enjoy the buzz rather than nothing and my friends are huge stoners so when we're chilling we always blaze. I always inhale and hold the hit for 3-5 seconds but it always results in my little "buzz". I have yet to feel the euphoria or anything that would make me feel like I was "stoned" that I want so badly. I'm not smoking shwag either. Judging through pictures the stuff I usually smoke looks like high-middies. Any suggestions on what to do? Is there something wrong with me?
  2. Donno man, try smoking more i dont know what to tell kinda confuzed aswell:confused:
  3. Are you mentally stable? depressed at all? could be over thinking it
  4. As far as I know I'm mentally stable, and I don't think I'm depressed. I see what your saying about over-thinking, after I smoke all I can think about is if I'm high or not, maybe I need to just let it flow.
  5. Switch up your methods maybe? Smoke more than your friends because you might have a high tolerance.
  6. But how would I get this high tolerance if I have never been stoned?
  7. I'd say take a little more than what you have been. what you described seemed to me the kind of influence when I just smoke one joint. Which I will def say is nice for certain days. don't always want to get super high
  8. Genetics are crazy. But what I would say is to work on your Inhale. What I tell my friends, and what always works for me, is after you have the smoke in your mouth, swallow as if it was food. This always works for me and its a way to know your inhaling correctly. I blazed about 20 times before I was actually High because I wasn't inhaling properly.
  9. Smoke more weed. Smoke better weed.
    Take a tolerance break if that's really the issue.
    Drink a lot of water the day before getting high.

    I dunno, just some ideas.
  10. stress and dispression, are some factors in me getting a better high.
  11. What I do is take a breath of fresh air in when I have the smoke in my mouth. I heard swallowing smoke is bad for you and can sometimes result in vomiting?
  12. try making weed brownies or cookies or somethin that will get u uber baked
  13. just take fat hits that make you cough up a storm dude, ull be high by the time u stop coughing.
  14. Don't swallow- if you get smoke in your stomach, you will throw up. Take a big hit into your mouth, then inhale deeply, no better way to describe it really.
  15. most of the time I swallow smoke, and i never vommited lulz...............................................
  16. deep long hits, its easier to do that with a bong because the back of your throat will start to hurt badly with a bowl and doing this with a joint isnt easy either.

    Ive swallowed a tiny bit before, burped it out.
  17. Yeah DON'T swallow smoke, if you think inhaling means swallowing, think about this take a couple of deep breaths and you'll realize your lungs fill up with air obviously, so when your smoking take a hit but not one so big that you can't handle it and inhale it like your taking a deep breath, then any leftover smoke in your mouth you suck in a little bit more making a kind of sucking noise, if you see snoop dogg smoking on like half baked you'll know what I'm talking about, he takes a hit then inhales a little more takes a hit repeats, etc. Also there are a very small amoutn of people who physically cannot get high, hopefully it's not you.
  18. I've never vomited but I've burped up smoke from doing this lol, I don't know if that's normal because I've never seen anyone else do that so I avoid it but hey whatever.

    The first time I smoked, I wasn't inhaling properly and my friend told me to do this:
    Take a hit.
    After hitting, clench your jaw (not hard, obviously).
    Inhale air through your teeth. This kind of pushes the smoke into your lungs and makes sure it's not being held in your mouth, and keeping your teeth together prevents smoke from escaping if it is in your mouth.
  19. okay, instead of thinking about if you are high or not, just go about doing whatever you would do, and chances are eventually itll hit you like a punch in the face. thats what happend to me, haha and I was scared at first.
  20. I also can swallo smoke without vomiting but what I was going to say is
    I was the same way NHL Just keep smoking Also though
    Try a Gravity Bong or Sobe Waterfall Very easy to make
    Might help alot And if you can get better bud for this There should be no way
    You arent high after this

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