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Can't get high on edibles?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Sanguine79, Apr 29, 2016.

  1. So over the last 3 days I've had edibles every day. We made cookies with .05 or 50mg of BHO in them. I took one and at about an hour and 15 mins started to feel it a tiny bit. Felt a tad giggly. Lasted maybe 20 mins and then it was done. Took one earlier today and then one probably 3 hrs ago. Didn't feel hardly anything. Same as before. Any idea why? I decarbed for 20min at 260 I think. They smell and taste like they'd kick your ass.. Also I'm pretty sure I have IBS. Have heard that can cause issues. I've had 5 cookies in total. Sorry for the rambling. Took a dab to make something happen.
  2. What tmp did you cook at?
  3. My bad before. Decarbed at 200 for 20mins then baked at 250 for 8 mins
  4. 350 for 8 mins... Bet that did it
  5. Yep :) at 350 the Thc goes bye bye. Keep st 325, if you haven't pick up some Soy lecithin add that in. You will need to bake longer donno how you got by on 8 minutes. I think I do 30-50, when ever tooth pick is clean. Or you can eat the batter.

    Best luck.
  6. PsychedelicSam, host of Another Tincture Thread, has done extensive experiments and tests on decarb and recommends 240F for 40 minutes. As I said, he has documentation and the results replicated. Also I don't believe that 350 for 10-15 minutes will degrade the thc. I've read that the internal temp of the baked good does not reach that high. I find my tolerance increases very quickly with edibles. BKS mentions in her thread that folks tell her it's not worth smoking for a week after one of her edibles. A small fatty meal prior to your edible- I usually wait about an hour- will slow down the transit time. Good luck mate, edibles are incredible. I'm flying on some canna caps made from tincture, coconut oil, and lecithin right now.
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  7. It's a debatable topic. I don't decarb that hot, so wouldn't cook that hot. Yes, not the same thing but if it works for you mas power :)
  8. A friend and I had a few packages of cookies. We opened one and each ate one. Since there was no dosage information, we waited an hour an opened another 2 pack and consumed them.

    Another hour passes and due to circumstances, he needed to rest, neither of use felt much.

    3 hours pass, I have been busy keeping our transport on course. It is now time for me to rest. I call to him, his response was "I can't move".

    He was still stoned as fuck. I wasn't really even buzzed. My theory is that since my back and some nerve damage are where there at, most of the effects focused there. Especially due to the gentle but constant movement I was doing. My back felt great for two more weeks.
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  9. The creeps! My first time I made it eat one late at night. Hour goes by nothing. So screw it must of did someth wrong. Woke up 6 hours later could barley walk. Wayyyy too strong heh. I my self don't like to eat it too much.. I like to try butter though. But yeah I hear you on that heh.
  10. Yea these definitely are nowhere near that potent. 5 people have tried em and got nothing. I didn't use the lecithin but I plan on it next time. Yea I'll probably just say fuck it and use cookie dough or something next time. Checking em with a toothpick? Baking cookies for 50 mins? What? Lol. Sad a whole gram of wax got wasted. Wonder if there's anything I could currently do to attempt to fix em. I'll probably just take 4 or 5 of em this afternoon and see if anything happens
  11. I was talking about brownies. Link me to what you did?
  12. BHO needs to be decarbed differently than plant material and there really is no set time. You decarb BHO by using a 240-250°F oven or a hot oil bath at the same temperature. Place your BHO in a glass beaker and place it in the preheated oven or the hot oil and heat it until all the little bubbles are gone. Those bubbles are the carbon dioxide created by the carboxyl group detaching from the THCA molecule. When the bubbles stop your concentrate is decarbed. Your decarb temp was too low.

    350°F is only the air temperature of the oven and will not harm cannabis in the small amount of time they bake. The inside temperature of the cookie, brownie, etc will be lucky to reach 200°F in 8 minutes. :)
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  13. Hmm, would this depend on the way it was made? Bho gets heated to have the butane removed would it not decarb during this process?

    I never messed with bho, rosin ect.
  14. you can skip all that if you use reclaim right?

    I sometimes put globs of reclaim in gelatin caps and give them to people for pain management and I get great feedback. I don't really use edibles myself so I am not sure.
  15. Ahh. I can't paste for some reason. Aight I think it's there. That but we made cookies and didn't use lecithin. Good to hear it didn't kill em. Guess I just didn't decarb long enough.
  16. If I am not mistaken, I think bho gets heated to only a little over 100 degrees in the purging process.
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    Ah yeah I never thought about that, but makes sense if so.
  18. ?
  19. ??????????

  20. I've tried making edibles with my trim multiple times, multiple methods with no success in catching a buzz but my wife takes them and can't hold her head up, I've tried other people's edibles including like ten 5 mg breath mints made in Colorado, nothing. I've always heard how intense the buzz is and how long it last but I just don't feel it. I think it just comes on to slow to notice.

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