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Can't Get high Anymore

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by carrothead2000, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. I've been smoking since Apr 18 now. I would smoke everyday at night and get super high. I recently took a T break for a month from Feb to Mar bc I was moving and then went back to my usual smoking habits of smoking everyday. For the first 2 months I was just using a cart and I was getting stoned daily. Recently I got a smart cart and it didnt get me high. Now everything else seems to not get me high. I've tried smoking a bowl, using a bong, hitting the pen, and rolling and smoking blunts and nothing seems to get me there. I dont understand how my tolerance can be so high as I would smoke everyday until my T break in Febuary and would get high just fine, but now cant seem to get there. I took a tolerance break only 3 months ago so dont know how I would have built it up again when I went 10 months without doing one before and I didnt even have to then as I just didnt have access to it for a month. If anyone has any tips or tricks I'd love to know as I would love to be baked out my mind. Thanks!
  2. Stop taking tips from a dab pen and expecting to have a low tolerance still

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  3. Change strains, however I do agree with ink demon, dabbing puts your tolerance at a whole new level. Imagine if being sober was your new high?

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  4. @Berg37 That would be terrible. Is there any foods or anything that clears your tolerance at least a little???
  5. While I do not know the quality of herb or concentrates you have been using but in the end it becomes irrelevant when it comes to our body and tolerance. If you do not want a high tolerance (it sucks..) Than you will need to continue to take tolerance breaks or change your smoking habbits, or just continue to consume large amounts of Cannabis which I personally do not find very fun or enjoyable.

    You could switch to edibles, and when I say edibles I mean real edibles that you can make not the trash that is found in most of the dispensaries or street. WHy edibles? because it is on a whole new level and does not share the same "tolerance" as dabbing/smoking etc. Take it slow or you could have a bad night..
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